15 Refreshing Summer Wedding Colors to Elevate Your Big Day

Looking for aesthetic summer wedding colors to curate an unforgettable celebration? Peaches, pink, and light blue are obvious choices, but if you’re veering toward modish tones, an earthy palette, modern neutrals, and jewel-toned emerald green work just as well. Clearly, there is no shortage of colors, but some fare better than others. To help, we have listed below the best summer wedding colors to elevate your wedding with a short visual explanation of how you can incorporate them.

#1 Peach

Peach is elegant, romantic, and versatile. Its soft nature and timeless appeal has made it a favorite choice among couples for their special occasion. Besides the color used by itself, florals in a peach shade are also preferred. And there are many peach flowers to choose from – like carnations, roses, dahlias, peonies, tulips, hibiscus, fireflies, and more! Combine this idyllic shade with salmon or rose for a celebration that’s truly romantic and timeless.

#2 Fuschia Pink

The romantic and eclectic nature of pink is hard to ignore. The one shade from the palette that’s hot this wedding season? It’s fuschia! With its vibrant nature, fun appeal, and eye-catching statement, it’s a must-have for a lively wedding. Take it up a notch by adding orange, yellow, or navy blue to the mix, or pair it with whites or grays for a delicate look. From being the main hero in the bridesmaid dresses to making an appearance in the bridal bouquet, this beautiful summer wedding color won’t disappoint.

#3 Light Blue

Reminiscent of clear blue skies and tranquil ocean water, there’s no color as apt for a summer wedding as light blue. Use it as an accent shade, use it as a part of a color scheme, or use it on its own, it will look good all ways. One stunning combination is to blend different shades of blue for a mesmerizing aesthetic. Imagine the gorgeous palette as the centerpiece or on the sides of the aisle runner as you make your way to your “happily ever after”, blue, in any form, won’t disappoint.

#4 Champagne

Not just champagne, but the champagne tones are a great celebratory element in the wedding as well! Versatile enough, they can add glamorous vibes when paired with other shimmery colors like rose gold, silver, or copper. Alternatively, combine it with dusty tones like pink or orange for a vibrant vibe. But if a solitary champagne accent is your choice, strategic lighting placements can create an ethereal feel.

#5 Gray

Light gray has a chic, calm, and serene aura, making it one of our top choices as a summer wedding color! It’s often chosen as the groom’s blazer color for its cool, elegant look, and how well it pairs with the bride’s white dress. But it’s also a cool hue to use in other wedding elements, like florals, table arrangements, and the wedding arch. Combine with darker shades of brown, blue, and green for a wholesome blend of colors!

#6 Beige

Beige is a neutral and calming color and is perfect for bohemian-inspired weddings. It also serves as a great neutral backdrop for any bright color you want as an accent in any wedding element. To use it on its own, opt for textures and natural options like pampas grass or bunny tails in the decor. For a color scheme, beige goes well with lavender and sage green accents, or gray and light pink for a romantic setup. If you’re going for a rustic, bohemian or desert-style wedding, beige is a must-have summer wedding color!

#7 Emerald Green

A nod to summer’s lush foliage, green is an apt color for your summery nuptials. Jewel-toned emerald green from the palette is a regal choice as it adds an understated luxury to the celebrations with a touch of warming presence. Incorporate the hues in bridesmaids’/ groomsmen’s outfits, in your bridal bouquet, or in the florals to create a vibrant, summer-themed aura.

#8 Neutrals

In this fast-paced world, neutrals allow us to step back and savor the moment. Their timeless appeal and elegant vibe are unmatched, and despite their softer nature, they can be quite versatile. Add some texture, go for darker shades, combine it with lush greenery, or use some bright accents to elevate the look of this romantic summer wedding color!

#9 Wine

Wine is an important color in rustic weddings. It looks visually appealing with the warm rustic palette and also goes well with other dark shades like navy, gold, and warm gray. Wine also makes for a stunning choice as the groomsmen’s blazer color. Earthy, graceful, and eye-catching, this summer wedding color accentuates anything it becomes a part of!

#10 Yellow

Bring your own sunshine to your summer nuptials. This bold, bright, and eclectic color is highly versatile and can be added to any wedding element. Picture it as the hue on the center table pieces for a pop of vibrancy, add it to the bridesmaid dresses, or make it the focal point of your floral arrangements. It pairs well with orange, green, pink, and mauve for an interesting color scheme.

#11 Rainbow Shades

Why stick to one color when you can pick seven? Rainbow summer wedding color scheme lets you play with pastels, bright shades, or a creative mix of hues for a spectacular palette that’s fun yet elegant. Picture them in the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid dresses, or wedding stationery. For the flowers, also choose different types like carnations, roses, lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, etc. for an interesting mix.

#12 Lavender

Lavender is a fresh and elegant choice for your summer wedding. The color symbolizes peace and serenity, often used to add romance and softness to the wedding. More so, just because it’s a unique shade doesn’t mean it doesn’t pair well with other colors. Add pastel shades for a strong statement or you can pair it with light grey, pink, green, or dark blue for a delightful color scheme.

#13 Dusty Rose

Dusty rose might crop up as a dull, boring color for such an important celebration. If that’s so, it’s time to change your mindset. The color doesn’t just stand out on its own but also makes a great match for any kind of color scheme you’d like. Vibrant? Pair it with orange. Elegant? Combine with gold. Understated? White is your pick. Dusty Rose is here to stay and is a notable summer wedding color to choose from.

#14 Orange

Add a peppy twist to your celebrations by going for an orange color scheme. It’s energy is such that even when it’s used as an accent shade, it will leave its mark. Imagine a satin or chiffon (see the difference between satin vs chiffon orange belt on your wedding dress. It changes the entire look, doesn’t it? Similarly, using it to elevate the otherwise neutral landscape is a great way to incorporate it into your celebrations.

#15 Mint

Mint is a fresh, elegant, and extraordinary color choice for your wedding. It can be added to any kind of celebration, from romantic to glamorous, from a rustic barn setup to a ballroom opulent theme – you just have to find the right pairing. Pink and mint color scheme is a chic, timeless choice. Sprinkle a bit of gold with mint to add glamour. Or, pair it with lush green for a botanical vibe. It’s versatility is truly remarkable.

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