3D Flower Wedding Dress 

A Real Story of Creating a Custom 3d Flower Wedding Dress.

My name is Loren, I am a Strategy Analyst and Kayla is a Data Analyst; we both work in the Boston area. Below I am happy to share my wedding story and the process of creating a custom 3D flower wedding dress with Dressarte.


We had a fairly small wedding, with about 80 friends and family members celebrating with us. Our ceremony and reception both took place at Willowdale Estate, a gorgeous Arts & Crafts style mansion in one of Massachusetts’ state parks. Our florist decked out the space with burgundy, blush, and navy florals and greenery that pulled everything together, and we had a close friend marry us. It was a really lovely blend of some more traditional religious aspects, like a scripture reading, and more contemporary parts, like reading the majority opinion that cemented same-sex marriage rights in the United States. We wanted to be sure we were honoring the many facets of our journey, and we were so pleased with how everything came together.

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I had not tried on any dresses before opting to work with the Dressarte team. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear and definitely needed help getting started- there are just SO many options out there!

I certainly had some ideas of what I liked – 3D flower wedding dress, as far as colors or cuts, but was really happy to leave it to the professionals to come up with a few options and suggestions based on my body type and suggestions. 

It was challenging to figure out what exactly I wanted to wear. As a queer woman, I was leaning towards a more androgynous look, and I think the Dressarte designs really highlighted that. I ended up going with the halter style neck and floor length dress because it blended my aesthetic with the formality of the event so well.

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Custom dress created by Dressarte Paris

Dressarte service

Since I used Dressarte for my wedding dress, I definitely would recommend it for folks who aren’t sure what they want to wear, or have a very specific idea – the Dressarte team can make it reality! It was relaxing to know that they were handling the process, and that once I had the final product, I wouldn’t need to get it adjusted or worry about picking it up

I loved getting to see the fabric options-that was the moment it kind of became real. It was really the moment it converted from an abstract idea to ‘wow, this is happening!’ Despite some hiccoughs with the options, the final product was absolutely stunning. 

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