5 Autumn & Winter Wardrobe Essentials

If you are looking for fall and winter staples, you are in the right place. Finding the pieces that you can feel comfortable wearing all season, undoubtedly, make your life easier. Therefore, there is no longer any stress in the morning caused by picking up the clothes in your wardrobe as you can easily match. With this intention we have created a list with top 5  autumn and winter wardrobe essentials to consider theses seasons.

1. Classic white shirt

Evidently, a classic white shirt is a staple for any season.

But what would you say, if we told you that there is a stain resistant shirt that can be cut to your style and body measurements ? So have a look at the post “Stain resistant shirts” to find out how to design the one that flatters you.

2. Eco-friendly hemp blazer

Compared to fast fashion, there is a more sustainable way to feel warm in cold seasons.  For example, a jacket/blazer that is made from natural fabric?!

By comparison, this one, cut from eco-friendly hemp fabric will be to the liking of many vegan fashion advocates. Hence, include this hemp blazer in your autumn wardrobe essentials, and you will feel comfortable and warm at any weather.

3. Black dress
autumn wardrobe essentials

Must be remembered, from season to season, a tailored black dress should be your best friend. Wether you go to office or have a special occasion, little black dress is always nice to have on your staples list. What’s more, you can always create your unique dress in one click, fill in this form.

winter wardrobe essentials
4. A pair of vegan sneakers

As a matter of fact,  many women always want to buy a pair of heels. However, when it comes to run errands, nothing can be better than a pair of  stylish vegan sneakers. Without a doubt, Beflamboyant  could be a good choice. In addition, they are  perfect for long walk in any season, so it surely might be added to the autumn and winter wardrobe essentials. 

5. eco-friendly pants (alternative to jeans)

Point often overlooked, but almost everyone would like to have  a pair of comfy  pants or jeans that can be styled with all winter and autumn  wardrobe essentials. Do you love jeans, but still prefer a tailored pair of pants? Than this is a solution for you. Super comfy, chic and eco-friendly pants made from ramie. (lean more here).

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