5 Reasons to Have a Custom Wedding Dress

Have you ever thought about having your wedding dress custom?

Weddings are one of the most important celebrations in a woman’s life. As a bride-to-be, it is no news that everything that puts the wedding together is important to you. One of the most important is your wedding dress! 

For your wedding, if you have a particular picture of how you want your wedding dress to be not having to deal with different intrusive sales managers and ending with the undesired style and colour issue, then the best solution is to create a custom wedding dress online with Dressarte Paris. The team gives you a lot of reasons to wish you can do your wedding over and over again. The following are a few of them.

Reasons to Have Your Wedding Dress Custom:

1. Uniqueness 

A custom-made wedding dress brings that exact dream wedding dress you’ve always imagined to life. This means your personalized wedding dress design is as unique as you are and everything about it speaks to your personality. 

2. Assurance of Elegance 

As your designer works with you, you’re allowed to draw inspirations for the design of your own wedding dress according to your desired theme, style and color. This will give you added inspiration on fabrics and materials to use thus giving you an elegant finished look. 

3. An Experience to Cherish 

This process is one of the beautiful fun memories a bride-to-be would cherish forever as it will hold a special meaning to you just like your custom-made wedding dress. 

4. Suited and comfortable 

A custom-made dress will save you the struggle and stress of trying on dresses and getting disappointed by them not fitting. The size will be nothing to worry about as perfection will be the new level to aim at.  

5. Avenue to Support 

Apart from the benefits stated above, making your own personalized wedding dress grants you the avenue to support small upcoming businesses. In this way, you’re part of a success story soon to be told. 


Note! The process of making your custom wedding dress involves you working with designers who have mastered the craft and are at the top of their game. Your questions on how to create or design your own wedding dress, custom-made wedding dress cost and how long a tailored wedding dress takes are answered sincerely by the designers.

The Process of Creating a Custom-made Wedding Dress


The process of creating a custom-made wedding dress takes nothing less than six months and this can span into twelve months. This gives both you and your designer the time needed to carefully make your dream dress a reality. This timeline is also dependent on the bride-to-be’s time of use and type of dress. 

This process starts with meeting up with the designer to deliberate on style, sketches, fabrics and finishes as earlier stated. After a conclusion is made the dressmaker proceeds with pattern drafting which is like a blueprint that you can alter before the actual dressmaking and fitting. This is also made into a 3D design format. After this, the materials suppliers and fabric vendor come into the scene. Here the dressmaker makes sure she’s picking the best-selected fabric, buttons and trims by looking out for quality. After which the sewing process of your bespoke wedding dress begins. 


A Custom Wedding Dress is a Sustainable Wedding Dress


Dressarte Paris dressmakers also make sure to use sustainable quality garments that don’t leave a negative impact on the environment. This is why top suppliers of sustainable quality fabrics were sourced in France and Italy. This ensures waste reduction in the process of making your sustainable wedding dress.


The Custom Wedding Dress Cost


Custom-made wedding dress price with Dressarte Paris starts at $1200. This covers everything from consultation, materials, workmanship and delivery. How much your custom-made wedding dress will cost also depends on the dress’s complexity, style and materials required. Note that clients are at liberty to pick their method of payment including an installment payment.


Custom Wedding Dress Timeline


During the process of making the made-to-measure wedding dress, spaces are made in between for clients to check on the progress. The timeline for each dress depends on the style and materials to be used because sewing sophisticated fabrics, hewing luxurious chiffon and applying exquisite beads can take a lot of time but after putting this into consideration, clients are allowed to pick a personalized delivery date. The dress is then delivered on the set day.

With Dressarte Paris, your wedding dress search disappointments become a thing of the past.  You end up with the unique  wedding dress of your dreams without stressing or leaving the comfort of your home. The elegance wrapped in your uniqueness is your satisfaction! 

Looking for more personalised ideas? In this post, we’ll share some personalised wedding ideas for sustainable ceremonies.

Each design project is unique and we're confident we can bring your vision to life! Work with our stylists & designers, in your home to create your Dream Wedding Dress. Let's get started!

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