“Dressarte is celebration of personal style where traditional craftsmanship meets the latest technologies to bring unique sustainable clothes to life.”

Nathalie N, Founder

Every Body Matters

I grew up having almost all my wardrobe tailored in an atelier run by my mother. I’ve been always struggling with the right size. As my measurements were not standard, I used to be very frustrated about not having fashion-industry-standard body measurements. 

Born in Paris

Having travelled the world, it’s in Paris where I understood that it’s such a privilege to have clothes designed and tailored especially for you and I wanted to make this personal shopping experience accessible, no matter where people are based. 

This is how I came up with the idea of online atelier once realising that there are other women, who don’t have time for fittings at a tailor, struggle to find clothes that work for their body types and meet their style.

We encourage women to embraced their uniqueness and  love their unique bodies by creating made-to-measure clothes from high-end sustainable fabrics.

Thanks for sharing this journey with us and we can’t wait to welcome you to Dressarte community!

Best wishes, Nathalie

Designed to Last

Tailored clothes is a conscious choice where every single detail is designed to meet clients’ preferences. Every garment is made to personal body measurements form high-end surplus fabrics to ensure impeccable quality. 

Innovative Service

We’re the only online couture service that combines the expertise of stylist, designer and tailor. Thanks to 3D design service and digital fittings, we’ve brought tailoring experience online. Learn more here


We’re committed to reducing the waste caused by the fashion industry by creating custom-made & made-to-measure garments from luxurious upcycled, recycled and eco-friendly fabrics


The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries on earth and waste is at the very heart of fashion. The US has generated 15 million tonnes of textile waste each year for the past 20 years. The UK sent 235 million items of clothing to landfill.


Responsible Ethical Production 

Dressarte clothes are made-to-order which means no unsold inventory, no over production, no waste. Moreover, it’s possible to resell clothes directly on our website via our Pre-Loved program.

We’ve partnered with the best tailors and dressmakers to create custom clothes for our clients. All dressmakers are carefully selected by Dressarte team based on the following criteria: professionalism, equipment safety and working conditions. Dressmakers names and locations are disclosed to our clients on demand when in-person fittings are required. 

Our direct-to-consumer service is transparent, traceable and responsible. Having our partners based in the proximity to our clients (the UK and Italy) allows for our supply chain to be efficient with a low carbon footprint. This also allows us to inspect our partners annually to check the working conditions to ensure ethical production of our clothes.

Working directly with the dressmakers means we can guarantee the payment of above living wages and that no child or forced labour is involved in the production of Dressarte clothes.



Dressarte clothes are made-to-order which means no unsold inventory, no over production, no waste. Moreover, it’s possible to resell clothes directly on our website via our Pre-Loved program.

To reduce the amount of waste during the production process, the designs are created digitally in 3D while prototypes are made of offcuts and deadstock fabrics. 

Dressarte is showcased as one of the 50 companies in PwC Net Zero Future50 – Middle East report, a curated list of regional companies focusing on pioneering technology solutions aimed at driving decarbonisation across all sectors. Read more



Eco-friendly Materials

Our priority is to offer natural fabrics that are biodegradable and have benefits for health and environment. 

Our fabrics are sourced directly from certified factories based in the UK (James Hare), France (Solstiss, Sophie Hallette) and Italy (Ratti group). They are audited annually, with the Sustainability report being issued once a year and published on their websites. Our suppliers share our commitment to sustainability and develop circular products and materials. Each partner promotes a working environment which is safe and which protects all workers. The reports are available on demand.

Materials we work with:

100% of materials are up-cycled/ surplus or dead stock fabrics

5% of the materials used are linen, 5% recycled wool, 5% hemp, 5% ramie, 10% GOTS certified organic cotton, 10% recycled cotton, 10% surplus silk (sourced on demand when required), 20% recycled polyester, 10% Tencel lyocell, 1% Piñatex®, 9% other recycled materials.



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