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Bespoke dresses

Bespoke dresses are born from the creativity of the dressmaker. However, the designer can be anyone; anyone who brainstorms on an appealing, neck-turning outfit. In case you struggle to visualise your dream dress then Dressarte could make it in 3D. Most important Dressarte works with the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology. So with its team of trained Fashion Designers, stylists and the VR tech, your ideas for a beautiful bespoke dress can be quickly made a reality. Must be remembered, a short online survey is required so you can share your thoughts with the team.

Moreover, being the first of its kind in the online couture business, Dressarte helps individuals style their desired outfits. Undoubtedly, the best outfits are the ones that matches your desires. Spoil yourself today! Customise that ideal outfit at Dressarte Paris now!


Work with a Personal Stylist Online


Select Luxurious Natural Surplus Fabrics


Risk-Free Remote or In-Person Fittings


Get your Final Couture Garment Delivered to Your Door

BESPoke wedding dresses

Dressarte Paris is an online couture service that has already created 500+ bespoke wedding dresses for brides-to-be from all over the world. In particular, the brand focuses on designing diverse dresses styles using sustainable fabric options only. Thus, Dressarte bespoke wedding dresses are not only comfortable but offer a morale boost to the wearer. Certainly, every brides enjoy looking exactly how they pictured themselves.

Unquestionably, a wedding is a  great time to stand out, especially if you’re the chief bridesmaid. So if you also desire more style on your bridesmaid dress? No problem at all! Additionally, Dressarte offers some custom options base on the regular dress style to make it more special! Discover more here forthwith.

Each design project is unique and we're confident we can bring your vision to life! Work with our stylists & designers, in your home to create your Dream Wedding Dress. Let's get started!