Get inspired by the styles we’ve recently designed for our clients who used our online bespoke service.


Why waste time searching for ideal clothes when you can create them straight from your device, no matter where you're based? Only your size and style preferences matter.

Premium service at honest price

We're your personal stylist, designer and tailor creating your dream wardrobe within 10 days starting for as little as 190€. Transparent and honest pricing. 

Sustainable & Conscious

Sustainable upcycled and eco-friendly fabrics, conscious choice, zero waste and ethical production. We’re all responsible for making fashion industry better. 


Find a selection of sustainable upcycled fabrics that can be used to create your unique garments.  

Manufactured mainly in France and Italy, these materials have been rescued from landfills.

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  1. Clara (store manager)

    I’ve just received my first tailored dress which is amazing and fits perfectly! I really appreciate the overall experience of choosing my own design and fabric. It’s something very unique and I will definitely order more bespoke clothes in future.

    Custom-made clothesCustom-made clothes

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