All we need to know about Boho Style

Bohemian as a style was originally influenced by a group of travelers in central Europe. The bohemian style reflects the wanderer’s unconventional way of living. If you aren’t quite sure what is meant by a bohemian dress, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Think romantic detailing with graceful flowing lines of lace and tulle and you’ll probably get the idea of what the bohemian style is all about.

If you’re looking for an alternative dress to skip the predictable ivory, white and blush, then opt for a bohemian wedding dress which is whimsically stylish with a touch of soft elegance. Bohemian bridal takes on a new form of effortlessnesswith an added polish. Be encapsulated in floral and specimen prints to gossamer tulles. These are the perfect fabrics to consider for your upcoming woodland, beach or countryside wedding.

Florals are nothing new in the world of weddings 

and while playful patterns and printed looks are typically associated with more fresh and fashion-forward brides, they take on a more bohemian look when done in Grecian-inspired silhouettes; especially when paired with a scattered embroidered veil. They add character and loads of personality and when done right, this type of boho is super feminine and organic, without feeling overdone.

A bohemian bride can channel romance through blouson everything, from puff sleeves to empire waistlines.


She doesn’t shy away from techniques like delicate pleating. She’s all about effortlessness, complementing easy shapes with minimal hairstyle and makeup. Think loose waves and plaits; and as for accessories, she’s all about natural rather than anything glitzy. 

Brides can be selective with their textures and fabrications.

Opt for riffs on lace that feel more textural and organic than your standard Chantilly, with an ease of movement and even a flowing tiered skirt. Using multiple types of lace can create a vine-like motif moving slowly up a classic, flowing A-line gown. Frayed edges also add to the softness and effortlessness instead of the expected. Add in a sweeping lace train and the bride will be whispering along the floor as she makes her grand entrance.

Whether brides gravitate towards more vintage styles or a clean, minimal aesthetic, there is a world of choice offering dainty, breathtaking gowns for an idyllic ceremony.

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