Bonjour! My name is Nathalie, I am a founder of Dressarte, personal stylist and a capsule wardrobe stylist since 2018.

Nathalie, Conscious Stylist, Founder of Dressarte

Why to Work with a Personal Stylist?

I’ve spent more than 5 years helping women embrace their uniqueness and creating clothes that reflect their personal style.

My one to one session is designed to guide you in your journey, so you can find your unique personal style.

If you:

  • feel lost
  • had no clear vision on what worked best for your lifestyle and body shape
  • have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear
  • do not feel confident in what you wear
  • want to build the wardrobe you would love

Do get in touch to start your journey!

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Discover your Unique Personal Style

Build Your Wardrobe that is Authentic to You

Shop independently or design your custom clothes 

Innovative and Personalised Approach

Start Feeling Confident Through Your Personal Style NOW.


These women have already found their authentic style

Kerry, US

Being a mom and a business woman is pretty challenging, but very rewarding!

I’m a huge fan of the work of Dressarte. I’m super happy about all the pieces that I have. This is my first time being able to use a bespoke experience brand. The customer experience of this brand also has to be truly recognised. It is phenomenal! The messaging, the attention to detail, making sure you’re happy with your choices. Thanks Nathalie for her deep styling analysis, she could help me to find my true self and express in my custom wardrobe.


Marry, Norway

My body does not fit well into any generic clothing brand, which is a headache when working in a professional environment that’s why I decided to use online stylist session, and later on  tailoring services provided by Dressarte Paris.

Capsule Wardrobe. Where to Start?

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Sessions examples

Session 1

How to find your UNIQUE personal style and curate the wardrobe that is authentic to you? 

  • During this session you’ll learn how to discover your style persona
  • I’ll introduce you to the design process and how to create a collection of clothes that are unique to you
  • You’ll understand different style categories and identify yours

This session is for you if:

  • You’re struggling to hear your inner voice and tend to rely on other peoples’ opinions on what to wear
  • You feel that the clothes you wear don’t represent who you are anymore
  • You feel lost when shopping for clothes
Session 2

Your Closet – Your Fashion Collection

  • Get to know your wardrobe
  • Identify your hero pieces 
  • Learn how to do a wardrobe detox mindfully and stress-free
  • Learn how to love again the items you already have
  • How to create a wish list and stick to it
  • Get ready to showcase your unique collection

This session is for you if:

  • You have nothing to wear or you wear less than 50% of the clothes you own
  • You have hard time to say good bye to the items you don’t wear
  • Impulse buying or overspending is an issue for you
Session 3

Wardrobe essentials and capsule wardrobe

  • Build your core collection (start with basics) that works for you
  • Add signature pieces 
  • Learn how to choose the right fabrics 

This session is for you if:

  • It takes you a lot of time to get dressed in the morning
  • It’s hard for you to plan/choose an outfit
  • You feel overwhelmed and anxious when you open your closet 
Session 4

Your unique body shape and how to honour it

  • Get to know your unique body shape
  • Understand what works well to your proportions and why
  • Find your unique colour palette 

This session is for you if:

  • You don’t know how to highlight the best in you
  • You need tips on how to emphasise (x, y, z) or draw attention away from (x, y, z)
  • It’s hard for you to plan/choose an outfit
  • You feel overwhelmed and anxious when you open your closet 
  • You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin

Are You Ready to Discover Your Unique Style?


I would recommend Nathalie and the incredible Dressarte team to anyone looking to build a capsule wardrobe! I was looking for a capsule wardrobe stylist when I discovered Dressarte. The team are skilled, kind, and keep you involved and updated throughout the whole process. They truly have helped me consider what my personal style is, removed from trends and fast fashions! After pregnancy my tastes and style changed. Being a mother changes you feelings and personality and this is a natural process. I wanted to discover my new style, and that’s why I started my journey with Nathalie and Dressarte.


I wanted to create a capsule  wardrobe , therefore, I decided to work with a capsule wardrobe stylist. The team and Nathalie were phenomenal to work with. Lots of different ideas and quick to make adjustments, even working on opposite time zones. My pieces are absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to wear them. As a plus size, I was worried because not everyone knows how to fit/dress a bigger body but Nathalie,  and the team did an exquisite job. Would recommend for fashion lovers of all shapes and sizes.


A personal stylist can be your ultimate fashion ally, guiding you toward a wardrobe that truly represents you. The personalized attention, fashion expertise, and time-saving benefits they offer make the investment worthwhile. By searching for a “personal stylist near me,” you’re embarking on a journey toward refined style and enhanced confidence. With their guidance, your fashion transformation is just a step away.


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  1. Thank you for the dress! Although size was a bit bigger, it is still of good quality. Appreciate it.

  2. A little more boxy cut than I was expecting but love the fabric and the detailing. I would order again with a more trim fit.