Online couture in 3 steps

1. Share your vision

To start working with a personal designer & stylist, take a quiz or purchase one of our design packages.

2. Approve design and fabrics

We’ll design unique outfits for you and pre select the most suitable fabrics. See a final design in 3D version.

3. Receive unique tailored clothes

We’ll take your measurements remotely and send you a garment sample if needed before your  outfits got tailored. 



Design now, pay later (2-3 months prior the date).


Custom-made dresses from premium French and Italian fabrics from 350-450£ for a short dress


Work with our stylists and designers to craft the dress that meets your wishes

Take a Quiz to Get Started


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Q: How Much does It Cost to Design Clothes with Dressarte?

A: Before designing clothes with us, you’ll be asked to tell us your budget preferences, so we’ll be able to offer you the styles and fabrics you can afford. Our design service starts from 50£. 

Q: What’s the Difference between Dressarte and Traditional Tailoring?

A: Affordable pricing, no upwards commitment, quick production time, flexibility and clear vision of clothes you’ll get (thanks to 3D visualisation).  

Q: Is it Possible to Try the Garments on?


A: Of course! With 3D Design you’ll be able to see how the clothes would look and fit as we’ll create your own 3D avatar according to your body measurements  Additionally, we offer Toile Service that allows to receive a sample (toile, made from a basic fabric) to test the garments for patterns to make sure they fit perfectly.

Q: Why Are you a Sustainable Brand?


A: Custom-made production means no stock, no over production, no waste. To create unique garments we use high-end upcycled fabrics sourced from Italy and France aiming to reduce the waste caused by fashion industry. Our priority is to offer natural fabrics that are biodegradable and have benefits for health and environment.