Real Story: Designing a Dream Custom Suit Online

Name: Sarah Meronen (@goodmatesarah)  
Country:  Finland/Australia


In her own words:I have been trying to do my best to have an ethical and sustainable wardrobe for a few years, but my move to Europe from Australia really threw me off, suddenly I didn’t know where to get clothes anymore. I was browsing the Good On You directory for sustainable and ethical brands in Europe and came across Dressarte and took a look into the services.

Your favorite part of the process?

I really loved the creating of the initial design and selection of fabrics. It was really fun to see the creativity of the designer and also to feel listened to. I’d also say actually receiving the piece and putting it on was pretty great too.

What were your first thoughts when you tried on the clothes created for you?

I was both excited and nervous. My hips have typically been a struggle for getting clothes to fit and I have found some ethical and sustainable brands don’t really cater to bodies like mine. As soon as I tried the clothes on, a wave of relief flooded over me.

What do you think about custom-made clothes from sustainability point of view?

I think custom-made clothes not only helps bring more value to items, but also allows the clothing to have more personal expression. I have never had clothing custom made for me and even just waiting for the item and knowing it was going through a careful handmade process brought a lot of excitement and joy I’ve never experienced with clothing before.

Personally, I have been interested in clothes that fit me across multiple sizes as my weight naturally goes up and down over years, so having items that I love and can loosen or tighten rather than discard or put away is important.


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