Dip Hem Dress Styles for Any Occasion

The dip hem dress, another word for the high low dress, is a type of dress which is basically a short dress in front and long in back. It offers the best of both designs, the glamour of a long gown and the comfort of a short one. The great thing about this kind of dress is that you can either decide to stand out with a very short front and down to the floor in the back or you can be more subtle by opting for a front length under the knee and a back length to the ankle. This sophisticated look is fun, feminine, and perfect for dancing all night. As mentioned earlier, high-low dresses are popular for many years and you can still find them on catwalks or red carpets.  However, there are a few rules to follow to keep it modern and flatter your body shape.

High Low Dresses
How to choose a flattering one?


Say “YES”

  • Dip hemlines are known to length the legs when short in the front thanks to the optical effect, thus, it is a good fit for petite or whoever wants to have longer legs.
  •  It is also flattering for pear-shaped as it throws attention on the legs but softens the round hips.
  • Opt for a short front that will not go up to the knees but will simply uncover the feet and ankles, ideal for those who want to show their shoes.
  • This option is also better suited for tall brides, and those who want to hide their curvy legs while still slimming their figure.

Say “NO”

Opt for a maxi high-low dress rather then a short one if you are a petite to reach  WOW effect. In that case, it can make you look taller and leaner. 


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Casual Dip Hem dress styles

We mainly mentioned the fact that high-low dresses are famous for weddings and events however you can still find a casual high-low dress. To make it more “daywear”, you should choose less noble fabrics like viscose or cotton with patterns such as flowers for a romantic boho style. Midi dresses with a more subtle dip hemline are a good alternative for a relaxed high-low dress.

dip hem dress
Wedding Dip Hem dress styles

Contrary to the paragraph above, to make a high-low dress to the top and upgrade it to a wedding dress, you should opt for long backs almost like a train. When it comes to fabrics, choose luxurious fabrics such as satin, silk or tulle. For a look even more sensual, add some lace on the corset or go for off the shoulders sleeves. There are several ways to customise your high-low wedding dress, yet, the most important thing is to create the one that represents you. You need to feel comfortable and be able to dance and move around your wedding. Those are the details you need to think about before saying “yes” to the dress.

The Benefits of custom service

Finding the right dress might be challenging and for all the reasons mentioned in our article, custom service has only benefits. You could save your time and your energy and getting unforgettable experience by designing a unique dep hem dress for unique YOU.

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