Designer’s Story


Artist, passionate and creative, Anaïs Ricard has been immersed in the fashion world for years.

Sacred best worker of departmental France in 2007, she traces her path by continuing with fashion studies in the Toulouse region.

From an early age she developed a passion for high fashion brands like John Galliano.

She brilliantly manipulates the art of spreading joy by imposing herself with original and colorful pieces.

Optimistic in character and an out of the ordinary style, the designer is fascinated by the world of marriage.

Born to a mother seamstress, they participate together in professional events such as wedding fairs.

It was from that moment that she understood, what her destiny was. From there she created her brand at only 21, which is called simply Anaïs Ricard. Avant-garde, and sometimes classic, she plays with stereotypes and breaks codes by redefining today’s bride. Colors such as black, gold or even pink can slip into the collections of this young Toulouse woman. 

In 2019, her ambition was such that she entered the regional costume competition and created the costume for her adopted region. To her amazement, she won the coveted prize for the best costume in France from the organization Miss France.


Robe Gentiane, from 1950€

Robe Graziella, from 1290€

Robe Alice, from 1590€

Robe Eva, from 1290€

Robe Clowdia, from 2390€