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Fascinated by the mission of Tearojoy, Sweden based sustainable brand, we’re happy to partner with them to offer you exclusively a few products that we especially like.

As many women on the go, we love tote bags. When we saw @tearojoy vegan leather tote, we knew we wanted to have one as it looked great with our clothes.

Tearojoy promotes environmental friendliness, animal conservation and sustainable lifestyle. Cork, FSC washable paper as vegan leather, upcycled/recycled cotton denim, GOTS certified organic cotton. The company also donates a portion of the net profit to support environmental protection works annually.

Vegan leather tote bag

100 £

Vegan leather tote bag is designed by Tear.o Joy. The bag is made with FSC certified washable craft paper. It is regarded as a vegan leather since it will have a leather texture when it is wet. It is durable and age like leather. The paper is food-grade, can be washed in washing machine, and is 100% biodegradable.

  • Shipped from Sweden by Tear.o Joy
  • Taxes and duties upon delivery may apply

  • Wash with mild soup and warm water, shape it before natural dry. Can dry with low heat hair dryer. Can use warm iron to remove crease.
    If you have drawn with colour pencils, the colour may fade in time.

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Outfit details: Blazer, Pants, Blouse