Dresses to choose to hide tummy

There’s always one rule of thumb when it comes to choosing your wedding dress and that is sticking to what works for your body type. This applies to brides who are looking to minimise certain areas of their bodies, for example to hide weight in their mid-section or if they’re expecting a child and don’t want to show. Highlighting other parts of the body is the best way to divert attention from one part to the other.

A gown with an empire waistline has a fitted bodice that finishes just below the bust. It’s a great choice as it gives the illusion of a higher and narrower waistline.

Incorporating this design element with a fuller skirt made from a light and airy fabric will allow the material to gently drape over the tummy without drawing any attention. Tulle, chiffon and a delicate lace works perfectly for these styles.

Opt for a free-flowing A- line skirt with soft gathers for a romantic Boho vibe. It conceals and boasts comfort making it the ideal style for all, but especially for a pear-shaped body and pregnant brides.

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A-line and princess cut widens towards the hem which helps emphasise a narrower waistline.

A-line skirts are more fitted at the hips before gradually widening, and princess skirts are more dramatic from top to bottom. We recommend steering clear of mermaid and sheath gowns or any tightly cut dresses as they only accentuate your mid-section and doesn’t create the illusion of proportional balance.

Wearing a waist belt over your wedding gown also has a slimming effect and highlights your narrow waist. Ensure that it isn’t too thick or too thin.

Other flattering design features that can divert attention away from the mid-section includes necklines and sleeves. Sweetheart, v-necklines and off-the-shoulder necklines are feminine and elegant and diverts the attention to your decolletage. Adding intricate lace or embellishment to the neckline is a great way to enhance this feature and keep all eyes on the upper body. Strategically placed lace floral designs can also direct attention away from your stomach, towards the neckline or lower skirt.

When it comes to sleeves, cap sleeves can balance out a wider skirt hem which naturally gives the waist a narrower appearance. If you want full coverage, a fitted long, illusion lace sleeve is simply stunning and naturally takes away focus from your mid-section.


Should I consider a corset or shapewear?

Yes, corsets and high-quality shapewear can provide additional support and help create a smoother silhouette. Look for undergarments designed to target the tummy area.

Are empire waist dresses a good choice?

Yes, empire waist dresses, which have a high waistline just below the bust, can be a great option. They flow over the tummy area, creating a flattering and forgiving look.

What fabric is most forgiving for hiding a tummy?

Consider dresses made from thicker fabrics like satin or structured materials that provide more coverage. Avoid clingy fabrics that may highlight problem areas.


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  1. My wedding dress turned out exactly as I had envisioned. The process was smooth and easy. Nathalie was quick to respond and during the fitting process she was excellent at prompting me for answers about things I hadn’t thought of such as arm movement, specific spots I should double check, etc. The only change I would make is to indicate that prices are in USD.

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  2. I feared this to be the most stressful part of planning our wedding, but the team at Dressarte made it an enjoyable, confidence boosting and easy endeavour. They were incredibly helpful and accommodating, and gave brilliant options for both budget and style. The dressmaker they paired with with has incredible talent, and turned my vision into a work of art. Thank you all so much!

  3. Extremely fun process that yielded a perfect dress. I was super picky and the team sent me many rounds of fabric options until I was happy. The dress itself was super well made and everyone at my wedding was blown away by it. I would 100% use Dressarte for special events again in the future.

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  4. A wonderful experience creating back-to-office dresses, from first ideas through my mistakes in measurements to final the dress-for-success debut. Thank you for the kindness, design talent, and attention to detail that guided every stitch and every conversation. Thank you truly for the gift of clothes that fit me as I am and help me feel good about where I am. Finding Dressarte Paris was such a happy discovery !

  5. We were married last week and we had an amazing day with friends and family. The wedding was perfect. And so was my dress. I was so happy with it, just what I imagined and I had lots of compliments too.

    We don’t yet have our photographs from the photographer, but it really was beautiful and I’m so happy that I had my dress made by Dressarte. Thank you again.

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