Elopement WOW dress with simplicity

Tell is about your ceremony, location, ambience…

With the COVID-19 pandemic, like many 2020 brides and grooms, our original wedding plans got derailed. We moved our large ceremony and reception to 2021 but we still wanted to be married this year. We chose the small local chapel in Jersey City, NJ where we live now to get married with our immediate families present. The ceremony was very intimate and followed all precautions to keep everyone safe. We had dinner in Downtown Jersey City restaurant, overlooking the NYC skyline and although it wasn’t what we imagined for our wedding day, it was perfect. 

How did you and your husband meet? 

Brian and I met on a dating app called Picke. Most people have never heard of this app so my joke is we were the only two using it which is how we found each other! We went to a champagne bar in midtown Manhattan and we both felt something was different. Brian went on to tell his friends that evening that he was going to marry Margot one day. Three years later to the day, Brian decided to make that a reality when he proposed to Margot

What kind of dress were you looking for? 

I was looking for something that was a WOW dress with simplicity. I wanted a dress that would be simple for a small “elopement” but still be a showstopper. And after looking for weeks and weeks on what felt like every website on the internet, I found Dressarte.

Why did you choose Dressarte? 

I couldn’t find anything close to what I was looking for. I had a vision in my mind of the dress I wanted and nothing was right. When I found Dressarte and they drew the sketch of my dress, I knew it was going to be great. 

Your favorite part of the design process? 

Seeing the sketch of what the dress would look like was incredible! It was like seeing the vision I had in my head become a reality for sure. 

What are the benefits of designing your own dress? 

Everything you could ask for they can make you! You don’t need to deal with alterations or hearing “no we don’t have that or can’t do that” The world is your oyster of options and that’s very special for a special occasion.

Who would you recommend our service to? 

I think it’s perfect for anyone at anytime. Looking for the perfect work blazer, or evening gown? Dressarte can do either or both! I will definitely be using their services again! 

Bride: Margot @margotpolo4

Photographer: @dreamstreetphoto

Each design project is unique and we're confident we can bring your vision to life! Work with our stylists & designers, in your home to create your Dream Wedding Dress. Let's get started!

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