Empire Waist Wedding Dress

Finding your Empire Line Wedding Dress…

There are many silhouettes that accentuates or flatters different body shapes. One silhouette in particular that has a slimming effect and lengthens your figure is the empire line wedding dress. You can expect to find an empire waist wedding dress with a form fitting bodice that ends right below the bust with a loose-fitting  skirt. 

The Empire Silhouette

To begin with, an empire waist or empire line wedding dresses is a fantastic choice for pretty much all body shapes. It features a high waist that sits just below the bust and an A-line skirt that flows down to the hem. In fact, where the waist starts higher on the bodice, it emphasises the narrowest part of the body and deters the attention from the lower body.

The billowy skirt gracefully skims the mid-section and hips with the illusion of elongating your frame. Therefore,  it is a flattering silhouette especially for petite, apple and pear-shaped brides as it doesn’t cling to but softens the curves.

Moreover, it naturally redirects attention from the waist and hips to the bust. This style also looks beautiful on pregnant brides.

Empire Waist Wedding Dress


  • You want to hide your tummy.
  • You want to draw attention to your bust.
  • You want to move freely.
  • You want to look taller.
  • You want to lengthen your silhouette.



“NO” IF:

  • You have a large waistline.
  • You are naturally thin and tall.
  • You are large-chested.



Necklines and Sleeves

A classic sweetheart neckline is favoured with an empire waist wedding dress, as  it’s flattering on the bust and can vary in depth. If you like the look of a sweetheart neckline but want more coverage, you can opt for an illusion neckline. Furthermore, not only does it look elegant, but it also provides added support to your bust. In addition,  a soft v-neckline or plunging v-neckline works just as well if that’s the look you’re going for.

When it comes to sleeves, many empire waist wedding dresses offer strapless styles, but if you’re not comfortable with this, there are many that come with straps or sleeves. 

For a dreamy aesthetic, opt for off-the-shoulder straps or sleeves. Thinner straps work well at balancing out a voluminous skirt, while thicker straps work well with a skirt that skims the body. 

empire line wedding dress
empire line wedding dress

Slit Wedding Dress might also work if you want to look taller and learner.


The floaty allure of the empire waist wedding dress is achieved best using light and drapey fabrics for a streamlined look. Chiffon, tulle, organza, lace, satin and crepe bear these characteristics to help elongate your frame.  What is more, they can be pleated, ruched and gathered to create beautiful designs on the bodice. Undoubtedly, you can layer up on the skirt into the empire waistline or keep it lightweight and whimsical. Additionally,  an embellished belt or waistband at the empire waistline attracts the gaze and adds a touch of sparkle to enhance your wedding dress.

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