Healthy, organic food in Berlin

If you follow our adventures, you definitely remember that at the beginning of this year we spent a few days in Berlin at Neonyt, sustainable fashion trade show. After the show we had a few amazing days exploring this city that might be called “European capital of healthy food”. Fresh avocado toast, vegetables and fruits, chia bowls and also a great selection of vegan food can be found in every second restaurant around the city. 

So, here is a list of our favourite restaurants that we had a chance to try.

🍃Café Tietz & Cie

This cafe was close to our hotel and we absolutely love their freshly cooked vegetables quiche, avocado bowl salad and sweet potato&avocado toast.

🍃 Restaurant Saeson at Lulu Guldsmeden hôtel

Located in an eco-friendly hotel, this restaurant is a good option for tasty organic and gluten-free breakfast!


This place is quite small and always crowded, but it worth bringing your @recup and order coffee with oat milk and also try delicious avocado toast.

🍃Dean and David is a chain of restaurants across Berlin that serves healthy food

Order avocado bowl, vegetables soup and matcha latte.

🍃Hermanns is a popular place for everyone who likes healthy food that serves delicious tigernut milk chai latte!

🍃 Zimt und zucker has a good selection of exotic tea and also serves vegan pancakes.

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