Nathalie, Founder of Dressarte

We’ve spent more than 20 years helping women embrace their uniqueness and creating clothes that reflect their personal style.

Wether you’re looking for custom clothes or prefer to shop ready-to-wear clothes in your own pace, our one to one session is designed to guide you in your journey, so you can find your unique personal style.

We helped clients who felt lost, had no clear vision on what worked best for their lifestyle and body shape, had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear, regain confidence and build the wardrobe they love!

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One hour personal online consultation over zoom tailored to your needs.

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How can we help you?

  • Learn how to find your Unique Style
  • How to do a wardrobe detox mindfully 
  • Learn how to love again the items you already have
  • Learn how to build a capsule wardrobe that works for you
  • Get tips on how to shop intentionally 
  • If you have nothing to wear, understand why
  • Find your unique colour palette 
  • Understand what fabrics to choose
  • Receive a personal stylesheet to shop independently 
  • Bonus: 5 piece capsule wardrobe designed exclusively for you (if you decide to go for a custom wardrobe)

One hour personal online consultation over zoom tailored to your needs

Discover your Unique Personal Style

Build Your Wardrobe that is Authentic to You

Shop independently or design your custom clothes 

Innovative and Personalised Approach

Ruth, UK

I would recommend the incredible Dressarte team to anyone looking to build a capsule wardrobe! The team are skilled, kind, and keep you involved and updated throughout the whole process. They truly have helped me consider what my personal style is, removed from trends and fast fashions!

Gwendoline, US

The team was phenomenal to work with. Lots of different ideas and quick to make adjustments, even working on opposite time zones. My pieces are absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to wear them. As a plus size, I was worried because not everyone knows how to fit/dress a bigger body but Nathalie, Lana, and the team did an exquisite job. Would recommend for fashion lovers of all shapes and sizes