How to flatter you body shape via prints and patterns

Being in the fashion industry for more than 20 years means that we have collected the most valuable styling secrets that we are willing to share with you in this article. 

Below you can find a few recommendations concerning the uncertain body areas and how you can minimise them (stop worrying about them) by simply choosing the right print or pattern for your Body Shape.

Vertical lines

Having vertical lines in print items in your wardrobe is one of the best ways to achieve slimmer look.

As this print/pattern is good for any body shapes be sure you will rock out with vertical stripes.

NB Contrast stripes, plisse skirts add volume.

Also in order to achieve thinner look you can opt for vertical line of buttons, hidden zip, long scarf, pleated pants, stitched (seams) garments.

Monochrome look

Although some people might find it boring, monochrome look works well if you want to hide a few cm and add some to your height.

However, it does not mean that a monochromatic outfit should consist only of one shade. You do not need to wear a solid green or grey from head to toe. Be risky, be experimental and try to add a few shades into your look. 


Wear brighter colour (shade) items if you want to draw attention to certain parts of your body. However, if you try to minimize hips, shoulders or bust, choose more neutral/pastel shades.

Emerald, black, chocolate, navy, blueberry, anthracite colours have been trendy for the last seasons. Why not adding this palette in your wardrobe?

Diagonal check, plaid


Diagonal check is a very popular pattern and print chosen by many high fashion designers. Why? It is famous fashion trick if you want to elongate one’s silhouette. 

Diagonal check prints as well as black colour, monochromic look, vertical stripes promise to make you look slimmer. 

One more clothing hack, if you want to decrease perceived volume then you should make a choice for blazers/jackets with slanded pockets to flatter the waist.

Polka dot

Polka dot is never out of style print because it requires little-to-no styling, that is why it is very popular among fashionistas.

Having one item in this trendy print in your wardrobe will allow you to easily pair it with any sold-colored clothing item. You can style it with some safari pants, jeans, white pants to achieve a carefree and trendy effect.

If you want to reverse a look and turn it to more classic style, then pick white/black polka dot prints that can be dressed up or down.

Polka dot is a very versatile piece and it would be the right item to have in your wardrobe if you also like to mix and match prints. 

If you are brave and want to look bright this summer, then style it with a stripped garment. This way you can look really playful and outstanding, but in order to keep proportions have one print smaller in scale then the other.

Actually, there’s so much you can do with polka dots. You can order any bespoke garment here and see it for yourself.

Horizontal stripes

It is a widely held belief that horizontal stripes make some areas to look wider or shorter. However, there are some tricks how you can benefit from wearing this print if you are overwhelmed with it.

Learn more how to style horizontal lines to your body shape in this article.

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