Style Tips: How to Hide Your Tummy

As we go through life, it is easy to gain weight and quite naturally our waistlines may disappear, and we start to develop more characteristics of the apple body shape. Regardless of the reason, there are a few simple style tricks that can be cleverly used to hide your tummy and waistline to help you conquer those days when you’re feeling less confident.

You should avoid wearing tight clothing but at the same time also avoid baggy clothing. The key is getting it right to find something that fits the chest area and arms and gently skims the tummy without being tight. Soft clothing with a little stretch can gently disguise extraweight in the tummy area.

Vertical patterns and stripes have a slimming effect and make you look taller. If you like stripes, opt for clothes with a narrow and frequent pattern. Great colour options are black and white or white and blue. Repetitive prints are a great way to disguise your midsection as it draws the gaze up, down and around. If the dress or top comes with a matching belt, you can tie it at the slimmest part of your torso. Try layering pieces together to create different hem lengths to elongate your silhouette. Read more on how to flatter your body shape via prints and patterns.

Asymmetric clothing is another flattering way to draw attention away from your waist and tummy. A dress with asymmetry or a crossover top can create vertical and diagonal lines, giving a slimming illusion. These styles with a flattering v-neckline can help to lengthen (rather than widen) your silhouette.

Dresses with a fitted chest and a little ruching or draping towards the waistline that falls into a floaty a-line skirt is a great way to draw attention away from a heavy mid-section.

They are incredibly flattering for women so having a few different styles are essential for your wardrobe. A shift dress where the silhouette is straight up and down not only balances out your curves but also has plenty of space to skim over your midsection and show off your legs. It is incredibly versatile as it can be worn with leggings or skinny jeans. Dress it down with boots or dress it up with chunky jewellery.

As for the lower half of the body, opting for trousers and jeans with a built-in waistband can smooth out your midsection. Go for a high-waist style with a wide waistband and preferably no zipper, pleats or any waist details as it only adds bulk at the tummy area. A high-waist flat front skirt can work wonders on your tummy. Choosing a thicker fabric will smooth from the waist down and the high rise will help create the illusion of a slimmer middle.

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