How to style horizontal stripes for your body shape

It is a widely held belief that horizontal stripes make some areas to look wider or shorter. However, there are some tricks how you can benefit from wearing this print if you are overwhelmed with it.

You will definitely look stunning and a few cm higher if you combine a stripped cropped top with high-waisted bottom.

Pear (triangle) Body Shape

If your main concern is curves and your body is close to a Pear Body Shape , opt for a horizontal stripe top as well. That will allow you to balance your upper and bottom parts.

Inverted Triangle

If your body shape is defined as an Inverted Triangle, then make a choice for stripped bottoms as it will balance your proportions.



NB: If you choose tops mixing the opaque white stripe with the see-through panels to show off your fit frame and to hide your concerned areas. You can pair it with any dark-and-light stripes to get a similar effect.

Rectangle Body Shape

Wider stripes can compliment your figure if you have undefined waist similar to a Rectangle Body Shape. You can play with striped fabrics and choose wider stripes for your waist and thinner ones for the rest of your look.


Apple body shape

Even if you have an Apple body shape, do not be afraid of experimenting with stripes. However, you should choose stripped patterns only for your most slender points. Also, give priority to 2 colour scheme, otherwise, a garment will add more volume. This is how visual illusions work.

If you are a curvy girl, then you should rely more on thicker stripes. It’s applicable for any print. The curvier you are, the louder your print should be. Smaller prints on curvy girls will get lost, whereas a bigger one will sit seamlessly.


NB: If you’re not feeling comfortable wearing horizontal stripes you can always break the lines up by adding solids into your look. Try to play with patterns and shapes.

Pairing stripes with other prints like floral or geometry is a nice combo too. Just be sure the stripes sit on the right place of your body.

Looking to add striped clothes to your wardrobe?

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