How to Wear High Waisted Jeans and Skirts?

The best high-waisted pants, jeans, jeggings and skirts leaves you feeling confident and ready to tackle the day. It’s no wonder women gravitate towards these body-hugging styles to flaunt their figures.

High-waisted clothing look the most flattering on the natural waistline. Of course, there are pros and cons to wearing them and it comes down to how you style your outfits. Some benefits include helping to reduce the appearance of any bulging at the tummy as it sits higher on the torso. It also defines the waist which is flattering for women with an apple body shape. A high waist naturally fits well on an hourglass shape as they accentuate the waist and sculpts your bottom.

When it comes to the fit and the fabric, a little stretch goes a long way and provide added comfort for the wearer. 

Buying the correct silhouette and size to fit your waist is so important too. You want it to fit tight in all the right places, the waist to not be too high and enough shape to create a feminine silhouette when you’re standing upright. But the good outweighs the bad so what’s a little sacrifice on comfort to reap the rewards!

Knowing which outfit combination work best with high-waisted bottoms and skirts is essential to create your effortlessly cool ensembles.

Keeping a balanced proportion is key to complimenting the high waist. Cropped tops and cropped jackets will elongate your frame while tucking in tops and button up shirts will have you set for your off-duty errands. Try layering a cosy sweater on your shoulders over a tucked in t-shirt for added volume and interest. Timeless styles like skinnies and straight-legs are versatile in blue tones and black.


Keep things up top sleek and streamlined and avoid frills and ruffles. Voluminous and overly blousy tops add too much bulk to your waistline which competes with the slimming effect of a high-waisted bottom. If you like the androgynous style, opt for a loose-fitting high-waisted pant paired with a classic blue and white striped button up. Go bold with pops of colour or keep a muted palette of neutrals. It’s effortlessly chic that will make every piece of your outfit feel expensive. Throw on a pair of black sunglasses for an extra level of sophistication. A statement long coat will elevate your simple high-waisted ensemble into something special.

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