Losing Weight for Wedding Dress

Losing weight for wedding dress is something that bothers many brides-to-be.  Of course, they would have many other things to bother about which they share with people around them. In this article, we’ll talk about some of these worries and how to go about them, let us know which one you can relate to 

1.Worrying about unpleasant comments about your choice 

You’ve made a lot of choices ranging from colors to venue and so on and you think people might show displeasure at it. Keep in mind that some people sometimes place too many expectations on other people but this day is your wedding day and they’ll understand it’s all about you and not their expectations.   

2.Having to plan the wedding without help 

Sometimes it’s just good to delegate tasks. The truth is your plans as a bride-to-be will be lengthy so you definitely can’t do them alone. You should engage everyone with a task, your groom, his best man, your bridesmaids, your sisters, everyone close. This will reduce the weight on you and subsequently the worries. 

3.The pressure of losing weight for wedding dress 

The pressure of losing weight for wedding dress is real.  Now you’re worried about your dress fitting, about looking perfect, or being the perfect size for your wedding. This might go on to affect your self-esteem before your day or even cause a mental breakdown if you give in too much to this pressure of losing weight for wedding dress. This is a pure reminder that if we all look the same, the world will be boring. Imagine just having one color in existence or eating only an apple all your life. This means your uniqueness is part of what makes the world a beautiful art!  So, Instead of pressuring yourself about weight loss before your wedding shopping, how about first getting rid of this pressure?

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How to get over the pressure of losing weight for wedding dress? 


To get over the pressure of losing weight for wedding dress, you have to first embrace your uniqueness. Your body is a temple, adore it. Part of embracing your uniqueness is opting for a dress that better suits you. Don’t be too bothered about losing weight for wedding dress as there are solutions available.  For example, for your wedding dress, you can go for a custom-made dress where you alongside your designer will make an art of your wedding dress. You can do this with Dressarte Paris where our designers will offer you the best solutions. One of our advice is for you to try an A-silhouette dress style rather than a Mermaid style to suit your body type. We know everyone is unique and we have unique solutions for the individual concerns of our customers. 

Dressarte Paris will help you achieve your dream dress that will exhume your individuality with every ounce of elegance to make you feel the most gorgeous on your wedding day. All this while granting you one of the best wedding preparation experiences you can ever think of.

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How does Dressarte Paris operate to support a pressure-free wedding? 


To ensure your confidence in your custom-made wedding dress outcome we start working on your dress design ten months before your wedding day. This is when we talk and agree on what dress will bring out the goddess in you. 

After being harmed with the needed information we go on to select fabrics and you get to receive swatches eight months before your wedding day. 

With this in place, we then take your measurements which will be at most six months before your wedding day. You are guaranteed to receive a few toiles before you get your all-ready custom-made wedding dress three months before your wedding day and at this time, your wedding dress is all set with no need to worry about alterations. 

Bear in mind that the process of getting your wedding dress whether ready-made or custom made requires calmness. Agitation and pressure will get you to make the wrong choices. Therefore, If you decide to go on to shed some weight, the following are tips to get on with it without pressure. 

Pressure-free weight loss tips to retain your calmness 


  1. Sleep for eight hours to aid your body’s function and digestion. Sleep is known to regulate your metabolic system for weight loss. 
  2. Practice yoga to calm your mind and body. This will clear your atmosphere daily and keep you at peace. 
  3. Write a journal about the activities you’re involved in and some solutions to things bothering your mind. 
  4. Since you wouldn’t have all the solutions in the world, take a walk with a close friend and family and share your burdens. This also helps to take things off your mind a little. 
  5. Add exercises into your routine for general health improvement. 
  6. To keep yourself healthy, refrain from unhealthy things and activities like binging on movies or food 
  7. Enjoy every day as it comes. 

Your body will only radiate the love you show it. Dressarte is here to work with you as you do that for your wedding day through your custom-made wedding dress. Contact Dressarte for consultation and bookings now and give yourself a fun-filled experience with a gorgeous unique wedding dress to show! 

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Each design project is unique and we're confident we can bring your vision to life! Work with our stylists & designers, in your home to create your Dream Wedding Dress. Let's get started!

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