Minimalism with Kristina @scandinavianstylist

We’re back in our virtual lounge talking about sustainability and conscious living with inspiring women. Today we’re excited to have Kristina from @scandinavianstylist and learn more about minimalism, capsule wardrobe and how she started her journey…


It’s been an interesting journey. 

Since I was young I have always loved being creative so, I was thrilled when I was offered the position of the styling manager for Denmarks largest luxury department store. I had complete creative license to arrange beautiful designs, style people and interiors for the store. I loved my job so much that it didn’t feel like work!

After moving from Copenhagen to London in 2010, I saw a need for helping busy women to simplify their wardrobes and homes. 

When I became a mother myself I didn’t have the same amount of time to help others in their homes so I started my Instagram account. My intention was initially to inspire other women to simplify their lives, as I had experienced so many benefits, especially after starting a family. I had no idea that women from all around the world would request my help online too, but they are the reason why Scandinavian Stylist exists. 

How did you get where you are today?

I think I have always known how important it is to pause and discover what my vision and core values are. In modern times there is so much noise in our daily lives and we get so much access into other people’s lives through social media that it can be hard to ‘hear’ ourselves. Being clear on my vision and values has helped me to create a roadmap for how I want live my life more intentionally. Using minimalism as a tool has been crucial to help me simplify and not ‘dilute’ my own personal voice and style. My passion and mission continues to be to help people define their personal vision and style, to regain control and clarity so they too can create a home and life they really love. 

What are your tips for creating a capsule wardrobe?

When I work with my clients we always start with creating something I call the Style Foundation. I use my own method to help them discover their style type. We never just have one style, so I help them to define their own ‘recipe’. This helps them to get a strong sense of self. We also go through other essential points that will help them understand how and what to pick for their capsule wardrobe. As we are all unique, it’s key to create a good style foundation before we can get the capsule wardrobe that will suit and serve us. 

Which clothes are your wardrobe essentials?

Again that’s unique to us all, so I don’t buy into ‘must have’ items. Personally I love to have a stylish good quality leather bag, oversized shades, comfy yet elegant shoes and clothes that feel like a second layer of skin. I believe that our wardrobes should serve us and help us to show our best selves. So my essential pieces need to feel comfortable, consist of natural materials and comply with my own Style Foundation. My year round capsule wardrobe is based on around 40 items that are super easy to mix and match, which really helps to save money while still looking stylish. 

What do you feel when wearing a garment made especially for you?

It makes me feel special and super comfortable. I believe people would benefit from bespoke items if they just tried it once, they would gain an understanding how to identify well fitted clothing.

How do you achieve work-life balance?

I know from personal experience that we can make life so much easier for ourselves by being clear about what we want to achieve in our lives and freeing up time by being smarter in the way we carry our day to day activities. This provides me with focus and helps to direct where I spend my time and energy.

Four points that help me are:

-Declutter 50-70 % of my stuff

-Having set times for work and personal time and sticking to them. 

-Plan 3 priorities every evening so I’m ready for the next day. 

 -Block out free time in my calendar which means saying no to unnecessary things.

Photos courtesy of @scandinavianstylist

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