Non-traditional Wedding Outfits

What styles to consider for non-traditional wedding outfits?

It has always been the norm for brides to spend a ridiculous amount of money on their wedding dress. In fact, brides only  wear it once and then keep it in storage for the foreseeable future. But over the recent years,  the impact of sustainability has lessened the appeal of buying and wearing a traditional wedding dress. Being able to walk down the aisle in a unique silhouette and then wear the outfit beyond the wedding day has grown in popularity. 

Two piece set, non white dress, jumpsuit or suit …What  to choose? 

Clarissa in her custom wedding dress made by Dressarte Paris

Jumpsuit and suit

Taking this new approach to choosing non-traditional wedding outfits should be simpler as there’s now more diversity in bridal ensembles, ranging from separates to mini dresses and sophisticated pant suits. Undoubtedly, jumpsuits have also been a major bridal trend as they exert elegance and effortlessness.  Thus, a refreshing flower-embroidered tulle bodice with luxurious silk wide leg bottoms is perfect for a modern bride. With styles to suit every shape and size, there has never been so much choice. 


Non-traditional wedding outfits

Whether it means donning a suit, a statement two-piece ensemble or going for a shorter skirt, there’s less pressure to search for the perfect outfit. Therefore, it allows brides to have more fun with their personal style. Defy the norm and embrace bold looks that can see you through to the evening celebrations or opt for an outfit change with another showstopping alternative wedding look. Giving a classic bridal silhouette a contemporary twist with a highly textured fabric or bold colours can also make plenty of impact on its own.

petite wedding dresses
petite wedding dresses

Nathalie in her custom wedding suit made by Dressarte Paris

Two-piece Dress

Searching for a non-traditional wedding outfits these days means there really are no rules to your style of choice. High-end fabrics with playful design elements can create a luxurious aesthetic, bringing out your fashion-forward character. Think shorter hemlines and lavish ruffles and frills. If you’re not crazy about the idea of a white wedding dress, modern brides are taking up all colours of the rainbow in style. Romantic pastel shades, champagne and blush hues are softer alternatives if sharp and contrasting colours aren’t your thing. They still maintain that elegant bridal feel.

Non-traditional weddign outfits

For Boho-luxe summer bridal looks, a two-piece provides the perfect opportunity to mix and match into your daily wardrobe after the big day. Let yourself be encapsulated in tiers of gossamer tulle covered in floral prints and 3D motifs for a textured finish. A cropped length top with balloon sleeves is fun and carefree.  Opt for floaty long sleeves with details like tassels and crochet trims which add the boho finishing touches. Pair it with a matching A-line skirt and watch it whimsically flow as you walk down the aisle and dance away at the afterparty.

sparkly wedding dress
glitter wedding dress

Jet in her custom wedding suit made by Dressarte Paris

Photo credit to @kevinbelsonphotography

Non-white dresses

Black Wedding Dresses

Since the little black dress was introduced to the world of fashion, it has symbolised versatility, timelessness and carried with an understated grace. In fact,  a black wedding gown can be so much more flattering than ivory and can be worn as an evening dress after the special day. Discover Our Black Wedding Dress Styles.

If you are looking for sage, lavender, red dress or any other colors then feel free to fill in the form below and share your ideas with us!

black off the shoulder dress
floral wedding dresses

Floral wedding dresses can mean different things to different people. More traditional brides might be looking for ivory gowns adorned in intricate lace appliques. Some might be looking for a combination of embroidered flowers with elements of 3D flowers. Contemporary brides might even want to wear a colourful floral printed gown.

If you’re dreaming of a romantic wedding dress with floral details, you can find out all the possibilities here.

Blue Wedding Dresses

The colour blue symbolises loyalty, purity and faithfulness. The century old tradition of having a little blue bow sewn into the hem of a wedding dress has now been reinterpreted into wearing blue jewellery, tying bouquets with blue ribbons, wearing blue bridal shoes and even blue accents on a veil. Today, many modern brides are taking ‘something blue’ to a whole new level by wowing their guests, walking down the aisle in a blue wedding dress. Discover Blue Wedding Dresess Styles.

Non-traditional wedding outfits

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