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So, you’re planning a sustainable wedding? Congratulations! More and more people are becoming interested in living a lifestyle that is kind to the planet, including planning their events.

Finding products and services that fit your values can be difficult, but we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll share some personalised wedding ideas for eco-friendly wedding. 

Ethically made, custom wedding dresses 

There are several reasons why custom wedding dresses are a great choice, both for the environment and the bride herself.

Certainly, custom dresses are made to order, so there is zero waste associated with them. They’re also made with sustainable fabrics like organic cotton or peace silk, which have a lighter environmental footprint than traditional materials like polyester. And last but not least, bespoke gowns are a truly unique reflection of the bride’s style.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, simple or elaborate, there’s an ethical wedding dress that’s perfect for you. Here are some recommendations for where to start shopping for a bespoke and ethically made wedding gown. 


Dressarte creates stunning, custom wedding gowns from eco-friendly fabrics. Moreover, the company claims to care about ethical production, and puts its money where its mouth is since the brand supports local production and has a transparent supply chain with dressmakers in France, the UK, Dubai and Italy.

Furthermore, Dressarte offers highly accessible online consultations and makes it shockingly easy to design a custom dress.

Personalised wedding napkins 

Paper napkins are such a waste when you think about it. But at a wedding – where you can be sure there will be lots of drinks, food, and messy appetisers, you’ll need napkins! So opt for cloth napkins over paper ones to be more eco-friendly. Here are some shops that sell sustainable, personalised wedding napkins.

Organic Events Supply Co 

100% organic cotton napkins in nearly every colour you can imagine! Certainly, highly recommend browsing this shop if you’ve got a unique wedding theme and are looking for a specific colour for your wedding napkins. in addition, you can personalise these yourself once they arrive. 

Sanpo Embroidery 

Personalised natural linen wedding napkins with several options to choose from. This shop stands out among other napkin sellers since its fabrics comply with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which is always a great sign when shopping sustainably. 

Personalised wedding gifts 

Wedding guest duty in the cards? Here are some shops selling practical and personalised wedding gifts that would be perfect for a newlywed couple.

Circle City Design Co 

Gifting a couple with a custom-engraved wooden cutting board will never be a bad idea. The craftsmanship that goes into pieces like these is evident, and it’s certainly a gift that will get put to use.

Floral Vibes 

Here’s a shop selling personalised plant pot containers that are objectively adorable. Maybe a customised plant pot isn’t a gift you’d expect to receive, but if the newly-wedded couple doesn’t harbour an aversion to plants, this wedding gift could become a treasured keepsake.

Source: Etsy

Personalised wedding favours 

Wedding favours are obviously a nice way to show your guests that you appreciate their attendance on your special day. But let’s be honest, how many of those little bottles of bubbles end up getting used? And how often do you really need another key ring? If you’re looking for wedding favours that will actually be appreciated and used, here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Happy Times Favours

This shop sells adorable and sustainable loose-leaf tea favours, personalised scarfs, wooden tealight holders, candles in small glass bottles and many other breathtaking gifts. Most important, there are so many options to choose from, and you can easily customise any of them, and let’s be honest – who wouldn’t appreciate a personalised item as a wedding favour?


Source: Happy Times Favours

Wild Lather Soap 

Custom-stamped, organic bars of soap made from natural materials. Bar soaps are some of the most low-waste wedding favours you can buy. These soaps are exceptionally high-quality and aesthetically pleasing. 

Source: Etsy

Personalised wedding invitations 

Personalised wedding invitations are an excellent idea for sustainable weddings. The most sustainable invitations are generally made of recycled, non-coated paper. Digital invitations are another sustainable option – no trees involved! 

Flower Seed Paper 

This shop offers invitation kits and other paper products made of wildflower seed paper, which has got to be one of the most unique sustainable wedding ideas we’ve heard of.

Nat Creative Studio 

Nat CreaTive Studio designs and prints ethically-made paper goods but also offers digital wedding invitations. Their invitations are warm and minimalistic, yet there’s a lot of opportunity to customise them to make them your own. You can discover more personalised wedding ideas on their website.

Source: Etsy


Sustainable custom wedding decor 

 Generally, weddings have historically been quite wasteful affairs because of the single-use products involved.

However, sustainable custom wedding decor is becoming increasingly popular as couples look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Without a doubt, there are many ways to achieve sustainable wedding decor, including buying secondhand decor, crafting your decor, and borrowing or renting decor.

The Confetti Farm Store 

Love confetti and are super bummed that you can’t use it at your sustainable wedding? We’ve got great news – this shop sells biodegradable, Earth-friendly confetti. So you can have all the confetti you like thrown at your wedding now. Enjoy!

Locket Weddings 

Do you want to try a DIY decor piece for your wedding but don’t have much time to learn a new craft? Try this – a personalised seating chart cling decal that you can apply to a mirror you have lying around. 

Source: Etsy


Trying to plan an eco-friendly wedding can be pretty challenging, but we applaud you for giving it a go anyway! We’ve tried to make it slightly easier on you by compiling this list of personalised wedding ideas and sustainable wedding tips. Hopefully, the vendors and shops in this list make it simpler for you to tick a few more boxes off your wedding planning list. 

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