Real Story: A Multifunctional Wrap Dress

Name: Mariska Nell (@zerowastemariska) Occupation: Artist, Environmentalist Country:  Australia

In her own words: I was looking for a sustainable outfit, and it was the first time when I experienced bespoke online service for clothing. It was really easy for me, the team took the idea I had (the vision of outfit). As a result,  I got a very beautiful, practical outfit that I can up-style/down-style.

In her own words: I had the dress made for my sister’s wedding, when I was one of the bridesmaids. Now It’s something special that I get to wear.

It was really amazing to see the whole idea of the dress coming into life: to select the design and the fabrics, to take measurements and etc.

I think it’ every important to invest in pieces that would be with us for a long period of time. Obviously, the quality of fabrics, craftsmanship; to know that I am buying something that I am not going to wear only once or twice, but rather something that will last 10 years. So when it comes to design, I like the brands that follow “on demand” strategy, because you can create a kind of “timeless design”.

My dress with Dressarte is a good example of timeless design so now I have a dress for any occasion.

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