What Hairstyle is suitable for a Satin Bridesmaid Dress?

After selecting your satin bridesmaid dress style, it’s time to focus on your bridesmaids’ hairstyle. The type of hairstyle you choose to wear should complement your satin bridesmaids dress. For satin bridesmaids’ dresses, some hairstyles you can rock include loosely braids, half up half down braids, side buns, ponytails, and low buns, among others.


If you are the type of person who doesn’t know so much about hairstyles that complement a satin bridesmaid dress. Knowing which hairstyle to choose and where to start can be very difficult—knowing fully well that your bridesmaids might have different body shapes, hair lengths, hair types and personality preferences. 

To make the process a lot easier and fun, we have pulled together a few bridesmaid’s hairstyles which we know you’ll love. You can draw some hairstyle inspirations from them and twist them to your taste. Scroll below for our favorite updos, ponytails, wavy, and braided hairstyles. You can decide to mix and match or pick your fave!

The Best Hairstyles for Satin Bridesmaid Dress

Choosing the right satin bridesmaid dress demands that it be paired with the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle. Your bridesmaid’s hairstyles must match your wedding theme and your overall look. Below are our favorite bridesmaid’s ideas and we have compiled a list of both simple and classic looks. Check out the listed lovely hairstyles below.

  • Wavy Updos

With satin bridesmaids dress especially spaghetti straps dress styles wavy updos is a perfect hairstyle choice. You can spice up your wavy updos by going for low buns and side partings and leaving your hair fringes wavy at the front side. You can also top your hair with flower crowns that are similar to your bouquet. 

  • Hair Down

Your bridesmaids can wear their hair down on a satin bridesmaid dress. It gives the dress a dreamy and beautiful feel. Most especially if the satin bridesmaid dress has spaghetti straps or even strapless. Allowing your bridesmaids to wear their down is a good choice. 

  • Loosely Braided

For a strapless satin bridesmaid dress, your bridesmaids can wear loosely braided hair. This hairstyle ensures that the hair is swept back without flying around. You can choose to style this hairstyle by adding flowers to the braided part of the hair.

  • High Bun

High bun hairstyle matches all types of fabrics and satin bridesmaid dresses are not left out. The beauty of a high bun is that you can wear it on any dress style from one-shoulder to off-the-shoulder. To make your high bun look more romantic and beautiful, you can attach a crown or tiara to the front of your bridesmaids’ hair. 

  • Ponytails

Do you know that you can rock ponytails for your bridesmaid dress? Some ladies think that ponytails are too low-key for weddings. But, wearing a satin bridesmaid dress in curly ponytails is very romantic. There are several ways to style a sleek ponytail including using a part of your hair to hold the ponytail up. You can also tie the ponytail low and add a few pearl pins to it. Also, you can decide to curl your ponytail and leave a few curls at the front. 

  • Side Bun 

Instead of just packing up your bridesmaid’s hair, you can decide to try out a not-too-big side bun that won’t distract your guests from the satin dress. This style perfectly complements a satin bridesmaid dress and doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can spice up your bridesmaid’s look by attaching a net-like accessory to the other side of the hair. 

  • Half Up Half Down Braids

A half-up half-down braided hairstyle is another good choice for a satin bridesmaid dress. This style is also a good one if you have bridesmaids with varying hair colors and lengths. Aside from keeping your hair off your face, it shows off your dress’s neckline design. You can as well spice up your hairstyle by adding flower sprigs to the braids. Or fixing some hair embroideries on the hair. 


When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyles for your bridesmaids that is suitable for satin dresses. You must consider their hair types and your wedding theme, very important! Once you have identified that, go through the best hairstyles discussed above and choose whichever one you love. You can decide to twerk the hairstyles to align with your wedding theme and to also complement the bridesmaids’ dress. Don’t forget to spice up your bridesmaid’s hairstyles with hair accessories and flower crowns, where necessary. And lastly, your bridesmaids’ do not have to rock identical hairstyles, give room for individuality and personal preferences. We’re always rooting for your looks!