#Seayousoon Dubai

You certainly know that we went to Dubai earlier this spring to shoot our summer collection #seayousoon. 

We decided to ask Nathalie what is so special about Dubai.

Why Dubai?

N: Dubai seems to be an ideal place to shoot our summer collection. There is just the right combination of style, beauty and attention to the details. 

The city partly reflects the idea behind the brand: to be effortlessly stylish.


Any places that you particularly like in Dubai?

N: During this visit I finally managed to visit @miraclegarden and it was so beautiful. The plane and houses that were made of flowers, I have never seen anything like this in my life. It’s just such an inspiring place. One of my photos (wearing Dressarte)  was also reposted by @instagram and I was overwhelmed with joy. 

3 pieces of clothes you would advise to bring to Dubai?

N: The first one would be a silk dress or a cotton dress which are not too much overexposed and allows to feel comfortable when going out in the city, shopping mall or even to the beach.

Obviously a bikini and an elegant dress like this one to go to the restaurant in the evening. 

Photos by @Natelee Cocks