Custom Wedding Dress Sketch

69 £

If you need help with visualising your dream dress, you’re at the right place.

Whether it’s a combination of different design ideas, or change of the neckline, sleeves or anything else, we’d be happy to create a unique digital sketch of your custom wedding gown. 

Custom Wedding Dress Sketch in 2D will be delivered digitally within 5-7 working days. The sketch is from the front and back in the colour of your choice. Additionally, we offer a 3D design to help visualise your design even better and understand how the final product would be like.

🍀We do create custom gowns, so if you are willing to create your custom gown based on the sketch, we are here to help. The whole process of creating a custom wedding outfit is an energy saving, exciting and enjoyable experience. Toile (mock up dress), online and offline fittings are available depending on your location. We would be happy to answer all your questions, fill in the form here.

🍀If you need 3D visualisation, message us to know more. We’re always trying to make it easier for our brides to visualize how fun and exciting it is to create a unique custom bridal gown just for you.

Once the package is purchased, we’ll get in touch to discuss your project.