30 €

    • Tailored outfits for a busy professional woman crafted especially for you and delivered to your home, office or even hotel.

      In your Dressarte BOX you’ll find 3 garments crafted according your preferences. Share your wishes when completing the survey and our stylists will prepare outfits for you.


      1. Which clothes you’d like us to send you?


      2. What kinds of occasion?


      3. Which fabrics do you prefer?

      Any favourite colours?

      4. What's your budget for a total purchase of 3 pieces?

      5. Which one describes you the most?

      6. Which statement best describes your body?

      7. Which is the widest part of your body?

      8. Which area do you try to minimise when dressing?

      9. Your height is

      10. Your size and your measurements (if you know)

      Could you share links to your social media profiles so we understand your style?

      Do you have any particular designs that you'd like to receive? Submit photos for inspiration 

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      Do you have any other wishes or requests?

      Once the order is completed, our stylists will send you a preview of clothes including the prices. If you're not satisfied with what we offer you, it's possible to cancel Dressarte BOX before it's shipped and we will reimburse you the styling fees.