The Petite Powerhouse: Soft Gamine Style Guide

When it comes to fashion, understanding your unique body type and personal style is key to feeling confident and stylish every day. The Soft Gamine body type, a category within David Kibbe’s Image Identity System, celebrates the petite and somewhat boyish with a dash of playfulness. This article will provide insights into what it means to be a Soft Gamine and offer practical tips on how to elevate your style with Nat Neuilly.

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What is Soft Gamine Body Type?

To begin with, the Soft Gamine is one of the body types in David Kibbe’s Image Identity System, which is a system designed to help individuals understand their unique physical characteristics and also choose clothing and styles that complement their natural essence.

This body type is known for having a petite and somewhat boyish appearance with a hint of softness.


“I encourage women to embrace their uniqueness and  help them find their personal style through styling coach sessions”

Nathalie Neuilly, capsule wardrobe style coach, CEO Dressarte Paris

Body Shape

Soft Gamines are typically petite and compact, with a slightly boyish figure. Additionally, they have small, neat bone structures and short limbs. What is more, their body proportions are balanced but tend to be more angular than curvy.

Facial Features

Soft Gamine facial features combine softness with a touch of sharpness. Typically they often have large, expressive eyes, small noses, and wide smiles. Moreover, their features are youthful and animated.


Soft Gamines can wear a variety of colors, but they often look great in mixed and contrasting colors, as well as pastels and warm tones. Remember, the key is to balance colors in their outfits to reflect their animated essence.

How to Dress Soft Gamine?

When it comes to dressing as a Soft Gamine, it’s all about celebrating your petite and somewhat boyish physique and infusing your style with a lively, youthful essence. To help you master your body shape, here are some style tips:

say ‘YEs’:

1. Well-Fitted Clothing:

  • You will look best in well-fitted clothing that shows off your petite frame. Avoid oversized or baggy outfits that overwhelm your figure.

2. Play with Patterns:

  • Incorporate playful patterns and prints into your wardrobe. Stripes, polka dots, and florals can add a touch of whimsy to your style.

3. Skirts and Dresses:

  • This type can rock both mini and knee-length skirts and dresses. Look for styles with a playful flair or unique detailing.

4. Mix Feminine and Boyish Elements:

  • You can blend feminine and boyish styles. Experiment with androgynous pieces like tailored jackets and add feminine touches with ruffles, bows, or accessories.
say ‘NO’:

1. Shapeless or Baggy Clothing:

  • Loose, shapeless, or baggy clothing can hide your natural curves and make you appear smaller. Opt for well-fitted pieces that highlight your figure.

2. Excessive Ruffles and Frills:

  • While Soft Gamines can incorporate feminine details, avoid excessive ruffles, frills, or overly elaborate embellishments, as they can overpower your frame. Opt for more subtle feminine touches.

3. Heavy, Bulky Fabrics:

  • Heavy or bulky fabrics can add unnecessary volume to your petite frame. Opt for lighter, drapey fabrics that enhance your natural curves.

4. Extremely High Heels:

  •  You can wear heels, but extremely high and dramatic heels may not be the best choice. Choose footwear with a playful and youthful feel instead.

Soft Gamine style is all about embracing your natural essence, so feel free to have fun and express your unique personality through your clothing choices. It’s also a good idea to consult with a stylist or image consultant familiar with the Kibbe system for personalized guidance.

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Gamine VS Soft Gamine

While Gamine individuals boast petite, somewhat boyish, and sharply angular features paired with a lively and animated essence, their style thrives in tailored and playful clothing featuring sharp lines. Conversely, Soft Gamines share the petite and somewhat boyish attributes but are distinguished by a touch of softness. They exude a youthful, dynamic, and playful essence and are at their best in well-fitted clothing that artfully combines both feminine and boyish elements, complemented by playful accessories and charming details.

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5 Soft Gamine Celebrities

Here are five celebrities who are often considered to have petite and youthful characteristics:

  1. Audrey Tautou: The French actress Audrey Tautou, known for her roles in “Amélie” and “The Da Vinci Code” . She possesses a petite and youthful appearance with a mix of soft and sharp features.
  2. Kiera Knightley: British actress Kiera Knightley, recognized for her roles in films like “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Pride and Prejudice,” is considered a Soft Gamine. Her delicate and slightly boyish features align with this body type.
  3. Twiggy: The iconic British model and actress, Twiggy, who rose to fame in the 1960s, is often associated with this body type. Her youthful and androgynous appearance epitomizes the Soft Gamine essence.
  4. Michelle Williams: The American actress Michelle Williams, known for her work in films like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Blue Valentine”. Her petite and delicate features contribute to this classification.
  5. Winona Ryder: Winona Ryder, famous for her roles in “Beetlejuice” and “Stranger Things,” is another celebrity who is thought to have this body type characteristics. Her petite and somewhat boyish features contribute to her Soft Gamine image.

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