5 Secrets of Embracing the Soft Natural Kibbe Body Type

The Soft Natural Kibbe body type is a category that embraces natural curves, balanced proportions, and a warm, approachable essence. In this article, we’ll delve into the Soft Natural Kibbe type with Nathalie Neuilly, stylist, providing insights into how to identify it, style recommendations, and tips to create your Soft Natural wardrobe.

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What is soft natural kibbe?

The Soft Natural is one of the body types in David Kibbe’s Image Identity System, which is a system designed to help individuals understand their unique physical characteristics.

Body Shape

Soft Naturals have a balanced and slightly curvy body shape. They tend to have a moderate bust and hips with a softly defined waist. Their bone structure is usually moderate, not extremely sharp or delicate.

Facial Features

Soft Natural facial features are soft, meaning they are not sharply angular but also not overly rounded. Their noses and jawlines are often somewhere in between sharp and rounded.

Clothing Recommendations: Soft Naturals look best in clothing that enhances their natural curves and soft lines. They can wear styles that are somewhat relaxed and flowing, avoiding overly structured or extremely tailored garments. Soft, draping fabrics work well for them.


Soft Naturals look great in earthy and muted colors. They should opt for warm, natural shades that harmonize with their overall warm and soft appearance.

Prioritize earthy, muted tones like olive, camel, rust, warm blues, and warm greens in your capsule wardrobe. These colors harmonize with your Soft Natural essence.


“I encourage women to embrace their uniqueness and  help them find their personal style through styling coach sessions”

Nathalie Neuilly, capsule wardrobe style coach, CEO Dressarte Paris

Building a capsule wardrobe is an exciting journey that you will enjoy every single day. If you are in a transition period in your life and looking for your NEW YOU, I am here to help you.

How to dress soft natural kibbe body type? 18 Essencials for your capsule wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe for a Soft Natural Kibbe body type involves selecting versatile pieces that highlight your natural curves and warm essence while offering mix-and-match options. Here are some essential items to consider for a Soft Natural Kibbe capsule wardrobe:

  • Flowy blouses: Opt for tops with soft, draped fabric that enhance your natural curves.
  • Knit sweaters: Choose loose or slightly oversized knits in muted or earthy tones.
  • Soft tees: Invest in well-fitting, quality tees in warm, natural colors.
  • Bootcut or wide-leg pants: Select pants that follow your body’s lines without being too tight. Earthy tones work well.
  • A-line or softly pleated skirts: Go for skirts that flow and complement your natural shape.
  • Relaxed-fit jeans: Look for jeans in soft, muted colors with a comfortable fit.
  • Wrap dresses: These emphasize your waist and natural curves.
  • Midi or maxi dresses: Choose flowing, unstructured dresses in warm and muted shades.
  • Shirt dresses: Opt for relaxed, button-up dresses with a soft belt to cinch your waist.
  • Soft blazers: Select blazers with a relaxed fit and minimal structure.
  • Trench coat: A classic trench in a muted shade is a great outerwear choice.
  • Lightweight cardigans: Layer with cozy, unconstructed cardigans.
  • Ankle boots: Choose boots with a comfortable heel height.
  • Espadrilles: These casual, warm-weather shoes complement your relaxed style.
  • Loafers or moccasins: Look for comfortable, soft loafers in neutral tones.
  • Scarves: Add soft, natural print scarves for a touch of personality.
  • Minimalist jewelry: Opt for rounded, moderate-scale accessories.
  • Soft, slouchy handbags: Choose bags in muted or earthy colors.

Soft classic vs soft natural kibbe

Soft Classics have a more classic and elegant essence, while Soft Naturals have a natural and slightly romantic essence. Soft Classics tend to lean more towards classic and tailored clothing, while Soft Naturals favor relaxed and unconstructed styles. To determine your specific Kibbe body type, it’s often helpful to consult with a stylist who can provide personalized guidance based on your unique features and essence.

Soft natural vs soft gamine kibbe

Soft Natural and Soft Gamine are two distinct Kibbe body types, each with unique characteristics and style recommendations. Overall, Soft Naturals have a more natural and slightly romantic essence with a balanced and softly curvy body shape, while Soft Gamines have a playful and youthful essence with a petite and somewhat boyish body shape. 

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5 soft natural kibbe celebrities

Soft Natural Kibbe celebrities are known for their natural, balanced, and slightly curvy appearances. Here are five famous individuals who are often associated with the Soft Natural Kibbe body type:

  1. Zoe Saldana: The actress Zoe Saldana is often cited as a Soft Natural Kibbe. She has a balanced and softly curvy figure and exudes a warm, natural, and approachable essence in her style.
  2. Sofia Vergara: The Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara is often considered a Soft Natural. She has a curvier figure with a natural and approachable charm.
  3. Jessica Biel: Jessica Biel, an actress and model, is frequently mentioned as a Soft Natural. Her balanced body shape and natural, earthy style align with Soft Natural characteristics.
  4. Jennifer Aniston: Known for her timeless beauty and style, Jennifer Aniston is also thought to have Soft Natural attributes. Her approachable, relaxed fashion choices and softly defined features match this body type.
  5. Alicia Keys: Singer and songwriter Alicia Keys is often associated with the Soft Natural Kibbe type. Her warm and welcoming demeanor, as well as her style that combines natural and relaxed elements, reflects Soft Natural characteristics.


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