Custom Sparkly Wedding Dresses and Beaded Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress is all about adding spark and glam. Choosing the perfect dress is a great deal. So if you want something chic and trendy, sparkly wedding dress is a perfect choice. Sparkle wedding dress is a new trend that has made the wedding outfit a glam to remember.  Another trend is beaded wedding dresses. Elevate your wedding day with the enchantment of sparkles and beads, making every moment a radiant memory.

sparkly wedding dress
sparkly wedding dress

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With so many options for glitter wedding dresses, it can be tricky to figure out a dress.  However, when it comes to conveying a sense of contemporary glamour, nothing beats sequin wedding dresses, and here is how you can find the one.

Benefits of A Custom Dress

Unquestionably, finding a perfect dress is not an easy task. Nevertheless, you can order a bespoke wedding dress at DRESSARTE.  This way you can get customized sparkle wedding dresses choosing from fabric to embellishment. In order to start, fill in the form below.

Dressarte Paris was founded in 2018 by Nat Neuilly, and already created 500+ custom dresses for brides around the world.

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1. experience

When deciding on your sparkly wedding dresses, it is wise to learn from experience. Sparkly and beaded dresses are a hit theme for this wedding season, and hence you must get the best of it. In order to get the inspiration, you should  try saving inspirational boards for sequence wedding dresses, so they can help you in choosing the special one.

glitter wedding dress
glitter wedding dress


2. Style And Preferences  

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the quest for beaded wedding dresses for your bridesmaids or trying to find the ideal sparkly wedding dress to exemplify your bridal style. The sequin wedding dresses draw attention to the body. Hence, the amount of glitter wedding dresses is important.

Moreover, if you are confused about how to embrace your body type, then the following guide is for you. 

  • If you want to highlight your curvy waist, then, fortunately, bridal separates are ideal wear for you.
  • If you want to accentuate your bust, then a sweetheart and V neckline with a glitter top and a plain bottom is an ideal option for you.
  • Opt for a glitter fabric to accentuate the waist and add a plain belt. However, it could be reversed. So you can also choose a glittery belt on a plain dress. 
glitter wedding dress

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3. Personal Touch 

Glittery wedding dresses are unique and classy; adding a personal touch to them is a big yes. You don’t have to go over the heaps, as you can just add your names and initials on the dress. Moreover, you can add Swarovski buttons on the gown to add a royal touch. 

glitter wedding dress
4. Choose the fabric you want

With the ability to choose your fabric, you become the curator of your bridal masterpiece, creating a dress that not only fits flawlessly but also reflects your individuality in every way. Let the journey begin, and let the fabric you choose be the starting point for a wedding dress that is as unique as your love story.

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Over the years we managed to build our own supply chain sourcing luxurious surplus fabrics directly from mills, and deadstock fabrics from Italian and French fashion houses, thus being able to offer a more competitive price-point. Shipping unique clothes directly from ateliers to you allows us to offer couture service that costs 2-3 times less than anywhere else.


We’ll send you fabric swatches together with a toile/prototype of the dress that you can try on at home. 


The design process is very simple, once we have more information on the dress you have in mind, we’ll start working on designs for you. You’ll receive 4 unique sketches that will be further modified to your liking until you’re happy 🙂

The final dress can be also designed in a 3D version to help you visualise it in a better way. Once the design is confirmed, we’ll preselect the most suitable fabrics within your budget, guide you with measurements and send you a prototype that you can try on at home.


Our concept is to offer you accessible and affordable couture service and hence 95% of all orders placed are designed remotely. However, if you’re based in the UK, me might be able to offer you in-person fittings. Get in touch to know more

Would you like to order a sparkly or beaded wedding dress with DRESSARTE?

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