Sustainable custom-made capsule wardrobe

Quality over quantity, investing in pieces that last.

Sustainable clothes that meet your style and cut to your body measurements…

Tailored suit

There is nothing more empowering than putting on a suit, right? It comes in different colours and silhouettes and only you know which one suits you best.

Get inspired by our styles or let’s create something unique for you together!

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Perfect dress

(not necessarily little or black)


Alright, we all know it, a little black dress (LBD) is a wardrobe staple.

What if your ideal dress is medium length or you don’t like wearing black at all? No worries, your perfect dress is a few seconds away!

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Sustainable-capsule-wardrobe_silk shirt_dressarte

Silk shirt (not necessarily white)


Wether you’re on your way to the office or getting ready for a date, a timeless silk blouse is always a good idea. We have the most beautiful luxurious Italian surplus silk in stock and would be happy to create a unique one for you.


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Everyday pants

If you have a suit, you might already have a classic pair of pants. What about a pair of pants that is as easy to wear as your favourite pair of jeans?

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Timeless Shirt


When we say timeless, we really mean it. Ladies, let us introduce you a shirt that resists stains and perspiration. It sounds pretty amazing, right? Check it out!

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Casual jacket


It’s a different kind of jacket, not too formal, not too sporty. It’s a timeless piece that can be worn season after season.


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Out of office outfit

Here are a few items that will be perfect for your next getaway.

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Sustainable-capsule-wardrobe_chic shirt_dressarte

Something Chic


Sexy, feminine, “je ne sais pas quoi” styles

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Something Comfy


Organic cotton soft shirts and hoodies…Because we all need time to ourselves…

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Special occasion

Wedding, party, reception…It’s your time to impress!

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