Committed to sustainability, we’re always searching for new eco-friendly fabrics. This season we found the one…

This is the fabric that most of us have never heard about…

Let us introduce you to Ramie.


Ramie fibers comes from the stem of a nettle plant called China grass (Boehmeria nivea). It looks similar to European nettle but it does not have prickles. 

Ramie fibre is lustrous, looks like silk and sometimes mistaken for linen. Extremely absorbent, much more than cotton, ramie fabric breathes well and makes comfortable clothing for warm and humid summers. 

It is a highly sustainable fiber source which makes it a wonderful eco-friendly alternative to synthetic fibers.

Ramie is a premium product because it is one of the strongest natural fibers. It’s strength can be up to 8 times stronger than cotton and has the quality of being even stronger when it is wet.

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