The Most Flattering Dress Styles

Dresses are a quintessential item in any woman’s wardrobe and knowing what silhouettes work for you will keep you looking effortlessly chic and casual any time of the day.

There are now endless style options to suit everyone’s tastes and thanks to the casual trends being set, women can combine dresses with different footwear choices other than heels. 

When it comes to creating a relaxed and casual look, A-line dresses are one of the most popular styles as they are flattering on all body types. The term describes a dress that has a fitted bust with a cinched waist and an A-line skirt that sits just above the hips and flares out into a wide hem. This style conceals the midsection and flatters big hips by emphasising the defined waistline. It’s so easy to look flawless in an A-line dress, giving you that confident feeling over and over again.

A dress for all occasions

A-line dresses are versatile pieces that can transition through the seasons. If you pick a good colour, print and fabric, the very same dress can be worn to brunch, a picnic, or even a night out.

Floral prints and polka dots are all time classics whereas animal prints and geometric shapes vary season to season. Even a simple white dress can be appropriate for just about every summer occasion. Just swap your footwear and top it off with a bag of your choosing, and your dress will feel like new every time. Dresses are easily pairable with a lightweight jacket for the colder seasons.


A-line dresses can feature hemlines ranging in lengths from maxi, midi to mini.

  • Full length A-line dresses carry more drama and elegance while remaining comfortable to wear. If your legs are your best assets, show them off in an A-line dress with a heightened hemline.
  • Micro mini silhouettes are always fun and flirty. Take your pick between tiered baby dolls, strappy, puff sleeves and backless halter necks. These also work well with knee-lengths or below-knee lengths.

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