Top 10 Staples for My Essential Wardrobe

Why do you need to have an essential wardrobe? For instance, you’re heading out in the morning in a laid-back attire and simply don’t have time to head home for a wardrobe change. A very common occurrence that shouldn’t hold you back from looking your best under any circumstances. So with a few fashion staples added to your essential wardrobe, day-to-day dressing can be impactful with investment pieces that can last you years or even decades. Thus, discover our women clothing essential guide below.

Top 10 Essential staples for women’s wardrobe

  1. Jeans
  2. Tank Top
  3. Sneakers
  4. Heels
  5. Leggins
  6. Blazer
  7. White button-down shirt
  8. Shirt Dress
  9. Midi dress
  10. Accessoiries
Jeans, Tank Top, Sneakers/Heels

To begin with, enhance your go-to looks with solid wardrobe essentials that can see you through running afternoon errands to a classy evening out in the city. Women clothing essential guide will give you the foundation for any style you’re diving into. It doesn’t mean ditching your all- time favourites, but simply stepping up your rotation of clothing with classics that still reflects your personal style. While we’re all adjusted to the sweatpants life, switching out for a great pair of denim jeans can go a long way.

Moreover, a relaxed and high waisted silhouette works well with a slinky heel or trendy sneakers. Straight-leg, flares and slim fit jeans can be easily paired with a versatile tank top – a wardrobe must have. Mix and match your denim and tank tops on rotation and play with different colours, cuts, and necklines.

Blazer and Leggins

No wardrobe is complete without a statement blazer that can be effortlessly dressed up or down to suit your mood and agenda. Also throw it over a little black dress for dinner or cover up for a mild day out at brunch. Obviously, blazer styles are plentiful and can be reworked with casual trousers, denim jeans, skirts, and knitwear.

In fact, for a smart casual attire, combine your power suit with a comfortable pair of leggings to see you through the day. 

Midi dress

What about a dress for your essential wardrobe?

Clearly all-day long favourite that can transition from day to night is a midi dress. Needless to say, casual enough for daytime activities yet sophisticated for more formal occasions. Hence, work your way through A-line, shift and bodycon silhouettes. Different shaped and length sleeves can enhance the style you’re exploring and help accentuate your waist and hips. Besides try out trending floral prints, stripes, and textured fabrics to alternate from your wardrobe basics.

White button-down shirt

It should be noted, a must have classic is a white button-down shirt which offers endless outfit possibilities. Finish the look with a blazer, a pair of jeans and flat shoes for a modern chic look or incorporate it under knitwear to create textural interest.

Shirt dress

Additionally, a shirt dress is another staple piece that can be easily styled with a waist cinching belt and a pair of chunky sneakers during the day and switched out for knee high boots for the evening. Therefore, If you fancy a bit of lustre, opt for a luxurious silk shirt that glams up your outfit.


Finally, try to finish your look by adding well-fitting, well-made, and stylish accessories like belt, neckline or hat to your wardrobe essentials. Without a doubt, shopping for the right brand can take countless hours. We would recommend to have a look at this – BigHatStore. The brand represents well-fitting, high quality, and hundreds of super stylish and trendy hats. Consequently, If you have non-standard size then Big Hat Store is a right choice for you. 

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