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Top Tips to Wearing Slit Dresses

Wearing a high slit long dress is no longer tied to red carpets or glamourous functions. They are the sexiest outfit a woman can own and perfect for any occasion whether you’re going on a date, a night out with friends or a summer wedding; a dress with a slit will make you feel so feminine. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of flirtatiousness to your look, you’ve got to try a dress with the slit!

The Rule of Thumb

The general rule is high slit dresses are best worn as evening wear whereas moderate slits are best worn during the day. The seductive nature of dresses with slits makes it unsuitable as work wear, unless you work in the fashion industry and are feeling courageous. Depending on how the slit detail is designed, be cautious when you’re wearing a dress with a slit as you want to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

How high should the slit be?

Consider wearing a dress with a high leg slit should you want to make a statement. We’re most excited by dresses that show a little skin, giving that sophisticated yet sensual look. It’s about time we gave our legs a chance to be seen! If you’re new to this detail and want to feel more comfortable, opt for a mid to low thigh slit as these dresses won’t feel overly revealing. A full-on frontal slit isn’t for everyone so you can opt for a more subtly placed side slit, which is more toned-down but still offers all the elegance.

How to wear the dress?

A leg slit will always be a standout feature no matter the silhouette of the dress. It can be worn in the form of a maxi dress, wrap dress or an alluring gown but still have that sex appeal and adds a little cheekiness to every ensemble. Take a spin on bright colours and playful prints or stick to simple solid colours as if it’s your unofficial uniform.

Long dresses with a slit will always look sexy and understated every time. Just switch your footwear and accessories and your dress will feel like new every time. Less is always more so a statement earring and scattering of rings is all you need. A leg slit naturally makes you taller and leaner so pairing your dress with streamlined heels rather than flats will accentuate your frame.

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