Transformable Wedding Dresses

In an age where there’s more choice than ever, it can be tempting to want two wedding dresses, one for the day and one for the evening. Without the need to stretch your wedding budget, why not consider one of the newest trends – a transformable wedding dress that still holds all the beauty and elegance! A two in one wedding dress lets you mix up your look with an added excitement and versatility factor.

The transformability idea can take many forms with different detachable elements. Detachable skirts are one of the finest pieces that can completely transform your bridal attire. You can remove the skirt for a polished evening look or add the skirt in the evening to wow your guests. Gossamer tulle skirts offer a whimsical feeling whereas silk skirts maintain an understated aesthetic.

For a more high-fashion feel to your look, opt for textured fabrics like brocades, ostrich feathers and embellishment.

Party girls will adore a sparkly bold lace princess style wedding dress with its removable cascading tulle skirt that reveals a fitted lace mini underneath. A full skirted traditional look can be made cheekier with a bold split to show some skin. This shorter style is perfect for the evening celebrations and a great way to show off a pair of statement heels.


For the brides who don’t want the fuss of a detachable skirt, a lace cape is just as glamorous and can effectively alter the appearance of your wedding dress. Choose a cape style that suits your vision. It can drape over the edge of your shoulders or go for full coverage and let it drape along your arms and encapsulate the upper bodice of your gown. Substitute a veil for a cape and have it sweep behind your gown like a train to soften your look.

While sleeves provide coverage and are required for certain ceremonial circumstances, they also add a refined touch of femininity. Strapless styles can don a detachable off-the- shoulder lace cap sleeve or a voluminous chiffon full-length sleeve for a Bohemian vibe.

If you’re going for a modest and subtly sexy look, a minimalistic figure-hugging gown with a detachable sheer lace jacket, embellished in diamanté’s is the ideal combo. When put together, this look exerts classiness and formality, suitable for a church ceremony. Remove the jacket for the evening party to reveal a less elaborate strapless style and dance away
without any restrictions.

Each design project is unique and we're confident we can bring your vision to life! Work with our stylists & designers, in your home to create your Dream Wedding Dress. Let's get started!

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