What to wear in 2022

The new year means it’s time to embrace some new trends and turn them into highly personal outfits relevant to your lifestyle. Incorporating a few new items and mixing it with your favourites in your existing wardrobe will help to create more versatile looks. 

1.Micro Blazers

Suit jackets are getting shorter and more tailored to suit your everyday needs, becoming more comfortable and less corporate. They can be paired with everything from miniskirts to wide pants. The micro blazer allows a wide range of styling opportunities from formal, casual to fabulous nights out.

2.Bra Tops

Consider a bra top on a hot summer’s day styled with low-rise pants, jeans and mini skirts.
It’s a great piece to elevate the simplest work suit for an evening look.

3.Unique Prints and Block

This year we’re not balancing prints with soft neutrals. Break the rules and wear your brightest and boldest prints all at once. Eclectic colours are just as trendy and helps break up your go-to ensembles. Add pops of colour-blocked neon to vibrant green, yellow, burgundy, fuchsia and orange.

4.Oversized Shirts

We all love an ultra-luxe oversized shirt and the comfort and carefreeness that comes with wearing it. This year, shirts are flowing at different hemlines as they’re buttoned in the middle to reveal a little skin. Pair it with relaxed oversized trousers to complete your off- duty look. You might even find a full-length shirt dress essential as your wardrobe staple.

5.Mini skirts and Low-Rise Pants

If you’ve missed out on this Y2K trend, mini skirts and low-rise pants are making a
comeback! Pair mini skirts with stockings on colder days and on its own when it gets warmer. They add playfulness to your outfits and look great in leather, velvet, sequins and denim. Put on your favourite chunky boots for a cool and punk-ish vibe. And, if you’re daring enough, try trousers and denim jeans in loose silhouettes that sit at the hips, revealing just a little midriff.

6.All Things Shiny

Embrace the glitter and sparkle of sequins and fabrics full of lustre. Choose from dresses to maxi skirts and cropped trousers. If you’re not ready to hit the dance floor, tone down your sparkly top with denim jeans for a casual ensemble. If your daytime outfit needs to transition to your evening agenda, pair your look with a shimmering blazer jacket

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