Perfect Zoom meetings wardrobe

At this stage, if you’ve been working from home during the lockdown, you’re probably well acquainted with zoom meetings. 

With working from home life throwing our senses of style and office wardrobes into chaos, figuring out exactly what to wear to show the right amount of professionalism and comfort can be tricky. And since your screen only shows you from the waist up, you don’t necessarily have to wear a full suit or outfit. You can wear any kind of bottom and shoes including jeans, joggers, leggings, sneakers or slippers. But of course, completing your outfit with a nice pair of trousers or a skirt in some ways can give your work motivation and confidence a major boost. Ideally, you want something almost as comfortable as your sweats, but less dull-looking, like elastic waist linen trousers or culottes.

A blouse is the perfect wardrobe essential for zoom meetings.

Having a few different styles will let you alternate looks between more casual or formal meetings. Opt for a neckline that isn’t too low, but is wide and low enough to have plenty of neck between chin and blouse. Try to avoid showing too much cleavage or having bra straps on show. A soft pattern blouse can be paired with a blazer if you’re dressing to impress. A classic pinstripe blazer will get the point across that you mean business. A cardigan or a jacket can also work in place of a blazer.

You want to avoid looking too casual especially if it’s a work meeting. Don’t throw on a tank top, a t-shirt, a loungewear top or anything too athletic. Also, you may want to steer clear of wearing patterns that are too bright and bold as well as overly large and colourful jewellery as they may be distracting. Being too laid back can send the wrong message and you definitely don’t want that happening.   

Turtlenecks flatter everyone and work in all situations.

Not only do they look smart, they frame your face and can be jazzed up with a necklace or scarf. Instead of a shirt, go for a  crisp cotton shirt dress that exerts confidence with a preppy look. You won’t have to think about wearing bottoms with this one. Striped sweaters and elegant necklines are a must have and they look classic on call.

This is the perfect chance to explore your at home wardrobe and pull things together that you never would have.

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