About brand

Created by Nathalie Neuilly (read the story) with the idea to substitute a traditional atelier for a virtual one, Dressarte Paris is a celebration of personalised style, made-to-measure updated classics, perfect fit and timeless quality.

 1. Designed by you

Just like in real atelier, you choose the fabric and customise garments to your taste, and then we realise your ideas.

2. Tailored to your specifications 

Each garment is unique since it’s tailored to your specifications to ensure perfect fit. 

 3. Made by professional artisans

We undertake with care each step of production process.

High end and organic fabrics

Your garments are cut from high quality fabrics sourced from European manufacturers that also supply some luxury fashion brands.


By saying Yes to made-to-measure production and eliminating intermediaries we act to make our production as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.  At affordable and fair prices.

By empowering to create the garments of your dreams, we encourage you to follow your dreams and achieve your goals. We’re inspired by successful personalities and happy to support creative projectsPlease feel free to send us your suggestions at contact@dressarteparis.com

MADE-TO-MEASURE clothes that fit great, look chic and never out of style