It’s never been so easy to wear clothes made exclusively for you!


Choose a garment

We offer classic clothes that last and encourage you to build a sustainable closet for life.


Customise (optional)

You can choose a fabric and modify the design. If you’re not sure about the fabric, you can order a sample.

We’re always happy to assist you, just drop us a watsapp message or email.


Choose your size

Select a standard size or a custom one and indicate your measurements. Once the order is placed, we will contact you via email to double check the order and clarify details if needed.

Share your experience with us and order again

95% of our clients continue ordering Dressarte clothes after the first purchase. Once we know your body specifications and your preferences, the production process will be faster. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the clothes, we will be happy to assist you (check our return policy). 

We’re always happy to repost your pictures wearing our clothes. Find more @dressarte