Clothes Imagined by You, Designed and Tailored by Us


Save your time and budget by getting exactly what you want.

Work with a real stylist and designer to create your dream outfit and get it tailored to your body measurements.


Work with a Personal Stylist Online


Select Luxurious Natural Surplus Fabrics


Risk-Free Remote or In-Person Fittings


Get your Final Couture Garment Delivered to Your Door


Online couture in 3 steps

1. Share your Vision

To start working with a personal designer & stylist, take a quiz or purchase one of our design packages.

2. We Design and Select Fabrics for You

We’ll design unique outfits for you and select the most suitable fabrics based on your preferences and budget.

3. You Experience the Benefits of Online Couture Service

We’ll take your measurements remotely and send you a toile (prototype of the item) so you can test the pattern for fit. The final garment will be delivered right to your door.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Europe & UK

Zero waste Natural Surplus Fabrics

Creative and Collaborative Experience Guaranteed

Save your Time &  Energy 

Each design project is unique and we're confident we can bring your vision to life! Work with real stylists & designers, in your home to create your Dream Clothes.

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