SUSTAINABLE and conscious 

There are different ways of approaching the topic of sustainable and conscious fashion. For us as a brand it means to create and produce responsibly, respecting the environment, society, aiming to decrease negative impact caused by fashion industry for the sake of future generations.


We involve clients into the process of creating clothes to make sure that they will love the items and wear them for years to come.


To create unique garments we use luxury surplus fabrics aiming to decrease the waste caused by fashion industry.

Our priority is to offer natural fabrics that are biodegradable and have benefits for health and environment.


We produce custom-made clothes solving one of the biggest issues in fashion industry, over production and waste.  We also work with surplus and biodegradable fabrics when creating clothes for you.

For worldwide delivery, we’ve partnered with DHL to use GOGREEN service that aims to reduce CO2.


Dressarte Paris is a family-owned clothing line with in-house production facilities in Russia. The atelier belongs to founders’ parents who manage it on a daily basis for 25 years. So, professional tailors are now part of the family, treated like family members. That means fair and competitive wages, descent working conditions and equal pay.


Time efficient 

Unless you love shopping or you need a garment urgently, it’s worth waiting a custom-made piece. It will take you less time in the long run than searching through multiple stores trying to find your ideal garment.

It takes you only 3 minutes to complete the order on our website and you can enjoy wearing your custom-made garment already in a few days! 


You may think that sustainable bespoke clothes will cost you a fortune, but we’re changing the rules. 

When you order custom-made clothes, you will pay only for the materials and labour costs associated with production of your unique garment. The price will be different for clients of different sizes and height, but it’s fair, right? 

As we don’t have stock, we don’t have to charge you extra to cover unsold items or items that will be sold at half price during sales season. By functioning on-line we also eliminate extra costs related to maintaining a showroom. 

Garments are crafted from high quality fabrics especially to your body measurements to make sure the clothes fit well and you will wear them for years to come! 


Created by Nathalie Neuilly with the idea to substitute a traditional atelier for a virtual one.

Dressarte Paris is a celebration of personalised style, custom-made updated classics, perfect fit, timeless quality at fair price. 

“I’ve always believed that when we wear clothes that are well made, we feel better and more confident,” says Nathalie Neuilly, founder of Dressarte, the first sustainable virtual atelier founded in Paris. 

Dressarte Paris encourages women to express their style, identity and self-confidence by allowing them to modify the design of clothes and adapt them to their body measurements.

Nathalie – who grew up having her clothes tailored in an atelier run by her mother – created the online brand after realising there might be other women out there like her, who had little time to visit a tailor  but who wanted clothes customised, cut to their body measurements.