Sands of Love: Destination Weddings in Dubai with Expert Planning

In recent years, Dubai has emerged as one of the most sought-after destinations for couples looking to tie the knot in a lavish and exotic setting. With its stunning landscapes, world-class infrastructure, and a touch of Middle Eastern opulence, Dubai offers the perfect backdrop for a destination wedding that’s nothing short of magical.

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Planning a wedding is a monumental task, and when it comes to destination weddings, the complexity can increase exponentially. This is where the expertise of a wedding planner becomes indispensable. In the enchanting city of Dubai, renowned for its opulence and extravagance, a wedding planner can transform your dream wedding into a reality that surpasses all expectations.

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Bonjour! My name is Nathalie,  happy to e-meet you! I have been in the wedding business for more than 11 years. I’m a certified wedding planner (based in Dubai) and also the Creative Director of a bridalwear atelier Dressarte Paris.


wedding planner in frech riviera. All about South of France Wedding: venues, wedding planner, villas, chateau, beaches, vineyards.

Expertise and Experience

I bring 11 years of expertise and experience to the table.  

french riviera wedding. All about South of France Wedding: venues, wedding planner, villas, chateau, beaches, vineyards.

Personalised Approach

Every couple is unique. 100% guarantee that your wedding will be a reflection of your personalities and love story.

South of France Wedding. All about South of France Wedding: venues, wedding planner, villas, chateau, beaches, vineyards.

Peace of Mind

Relax, enjoy the moment, and create beautiful memories while I handle the behind-the-scenes work.

Get Inspired by My Portfolio of  Destination Weddings

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” I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere appreciation for the incredible work you did as our wedding planner for our destination wedding in Dubai.

From the very beginning of our wedding planning journey, your professionalism, expertise, and dedication stood out. Your ability to turn our vision into reality in one of the world’s most stunning locations was nothing short of remarkable. Once again, thank you for your outstanding contributions to our wedding. Your passion and commitment to your craft are truly commendable, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have had you as our wedding planner”.



The cost of a destination wedding in Dubai can vary widely depending on factors such as the guest count, venue choice, and the level of extravagance. On average, couples can expect to spend anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more.

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The best time for a destination wedding in Dubai is typically during the winter months, from late October to early April. During this period, the weather is pleasantly cool and outdoor weddings are comfortable.

Yes, you can have a beach wedding in Dubai, and it’s a popular choice for many couples. Dubai offers a range of stunning beachfront venues along its pristine coastline, such as Jumeirah Beach, The Palm Jumeirah, and private beach resorts. However, it’s essential to check with the venue for necessary permits and regulations, as Dubai has specific guidelines for beach weddings to ensure environmental and cultural preservation.

I am based between Dubai and France. Feel free to reach me and then we can meet up in person or online.

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