After initial consultation (to schedule, click here), we will create exclusive designs and offer the most suitable fabrics.

Whether you are looking for a classic wedding dress or non-traditional wedding dress alternatives, we are here to tailor your dreams!


Order your own made-to-measure clothes online, no matter where you are. Personal stylist, designer and tailor will create your dream clothes under one month. How it works


Committed to creativity and sustainability, true craftsmanship is at the very core of each item created in our family-run atelier. Get updates from our atelier to know how your garments are made.


There is no planet B. We reduce waste by producing custom-made clothes from sustainable upcycled and eco-friendly fabrics. Transparent pricing and no hidden costs.

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Custom-made sustainable clothes

I’ve always wanted to design a custom dress that would fit me flawlessly.


  1. Lorna (verified owner)

    So quick and the dress is lovely. Unfortunately I didn’t end up wearing it as intended (total wash out weather wise) so I am going to have it as a reception dress when we get to do that!

    Wedding Outfit PackageWedding Outfit Package

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